Copper wire making line equipment

Copper wire making line equipment

CDOCAST Cooper wire-making line equipment is designed for making all kinds of diameters of wires, especially from 8mm-0.1mm. The line is also suitable for silver wire, gold wire, and other precious metals wire.

In this line,  the first step is to melt scrap copper and cast it to an 8mm wire by CDOCAST Continuous Casting Machine. This induction casting machine comes with the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable performance, high efficiency, low power consumption. It is also suitable for long-term or intermittent work.

Step two is casting 8mm copper wire to 2.5mm wire by Rolling Mill. CDOCAST rolling mill has a strong adaptability of rolling, it can roll hard materials, which can not be achieved by ordinary rolling mills.

The next step is casting 0.1-1mm wire by Drawing Machine.CDOCAST wire drawing machine has high efficiency. The wire wheel is precision manufactured with imported materials, and the wheel surface is carburized to improve wear resistance. The whole wire drawing machine is equipped with an automatic cooling system and will stop automatically after the work is finished.

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