Precious Metal Melting Furnaces

CDOCAST Can Provide high-end induction melting furnaces for all precious metals. With temperatures up to 1600 degrees Celsius, our precious metal melting furnace can also melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as copper, iron, aluminum from 1 to 350 kg.

They have enough features to regulate the temperature when you are looking for the precise melting proc

ess. In addition, all our precious metal melting furnaces come with a well-designed cooling system so you can use them for more than 24 hours without any mechanical complications.

Cdocast precious metal melting furnace adopts electromagnetic induction heating principle. Compared with the traditional smelting method, our induction metal melting furnace smelting speed is faster and more environmentally friendly.

In addition, we provide various types of metal melting furnaces for precious metals, which can be divided into manual tilting Induction furnace for metal, motor tilting Induction furnace for metal, chain motor tilting Induction furnace for metal, and hydraulic tilting Induction furnace for metal

Based on the smelting capacity, our precious metal melting furnace can be mainly divided into
1-2kg portable desktop small metal smelting furnace
1-15kg integrated metal smelting furnace
1-15kg hand-operated simple tilting metal smelting furnace
20-100kg chain motor tilting metal smelting furnace
20-150kg manual tilting metal smelting furnace
50-300kg hydraulic tilting metal smelting furnace

If you are having a problem making the right choice for a melting furnace, for your precious metal, welcome to contact us for professional advice.

Laboratory Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

CDOCAST Laboratory Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace is mainly suitable for small quantity metal melting under the vacuum condition, this small vacuum melting furnace can melt steel, iron, aluminum, copper brass, gold , silver ,platinum from 1kg-30kg, the power adopt the Igbt induction technology which can is energy-saving and stable.



1-2kg Mini Gold Melting Furnace

The CDOCAST mini desktop  gold melting furnace is specially designed for melting small volumes of 1-2kg of gold or silver. The small gold melting furnace adopts induction heating technology with the melting temperature can reach 1650 degrees Celsius and the melting time takes only 3 minutes-5 minutes.


Power; single-phase,6kw


Appliction:gold, silver ,copper



3-15kg Integrated Gold Melting Machine

CDOCAST 1kg-15kg gold melting machine is specially designed for melting gold, silver, copper, with a capacity from 1kg-15kg. We have designed this model to be a one-piece structure, in which the furnace and the power supply will be integrated into one cabinet, which greatly increases the ease of operation and makes the furnace smaller in size,this gold melting machine comes with the design of water pump build inside of the furnace, which is very convenient for operation.


Power: three-phase,10kw-30kw


Application:gold, silver, platinum, steel.copper.etc


Platinum melting furnace

CDOCAST platinum melting furnaces are specially designed for the small amount melting of platinum and palladium as well as high-temperature metals such as steel and stainless steel in quartz crucibles with capacities from 1kg to 15kg. our platinum melting machine comes with the design of water cooling installed inside of the furnace, and quartz crucible is adopted for the platinum melting which can guarantee the temperature can reach 2000 degrees, this is the ideal choice for users who has requirement of paltinum& palladium melting . Contact our specialists today. You’ll be glad that you did!

1-15kg Manual Tilting Gold smelting furnace

CDOCAST manual tilting gold smelting furnace is a small capacity tilting melting furnace for melting gold, silver, and copper from a capacity of 1kg to 15 kg. Due to the small melting capacity, the manual pouring design makes operation easier and more convenient. The gold smelting furnace is also integrated design that is, the tilting Pouring mechanism and the power supply part are also all-in-one design, which can greatly reduce the size of the machine, It is a very good choice for some customers who do not have a large space for running the machine.




Application:gold, silver, platinum, copper,steel..etc


Chain Tilting Silver melting furnace

This motor chain tilting Silver melting furnace is specially designed for melting 1kg-100kg of silver, but can also be applied for melting large quantities of gold and copper. the melting capacity can reach up to 100kg.  seimens plc touch screen can be designed to make the full system more advanced.




Appliction: gold, silver,copper, iron..etc

Manual Tilting Metal Melting Furnace

The CDOCAST small motor metal melting furnace is the most economical model for the small quantity metal melting , Manual dumping and motor dumping mechanism are available ,usually the motor dumping mechanism will be more expensive than the manual tilting metal melting.




Application: gold,silver,platinum, copper, steel, iron..ect

Small Vacuum induction melting furnace

CDOCAST Small vacuum Induction melting furnace is specially designed for melting small volume non-ferrous and ferrous metals under vacuum conditions, the complete melting furnace mainly consists of a furnace, vacuum pump, pouring mechanism,  different levels of vacuum pump will be chosen according to the different vacuum degree requirement.




Application:gold,silver, platinum,copper


Hydraulic titling Small Induction Furnace

The hydraulic small induction furnace is specially designed for melting small volumes of 100-350 Kg of non-ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The small induction furnace is equipped with a hydraulic tilting mechanism, the tilting furnace body comes with a hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic station, IGBT induction heating technology is applied for the power supply, the small induction melter comes with a PLC touch screen design, which makes the whole operation more precise, accurate and safe.


Power: 45kw-160kw


Application:gold, silver, copper, steel..etc


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