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All types of precious metal melting furnace & casting machines

Auxiliary Facilities

CDOCAST can also provide ancillary equipment including XRF gold testing machine, water chillers,rolling mills, hydraulic presses, etc. to assist the customer in the installation and commissioning of the entire line.turn-key sol...[Learn More]

Heat Treatment Equipment

Humans have been making iron and steel for centuries . Steel fueled the industrial revolution and remains the backbone of modern industrialized economies. It’s hard to imagine a world without steel – be it construction, vehicle...[Learn More]

Precious Metal Casting Machine

Specially design for casting type customized sizes of metal rods, plate, tube, including the upward continuous casting machine, downward continuous casting machine,horizontal casting machine.[Learn More]

Precious Metal Melting Furnace

CDOCAST Can Provide high-end induction melting furnaces for all precious metals. With temperatures up to 1600 degrees Celsius, our precious metal melting furnace can also melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as copper, , ir...[Learn More]

Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine

Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine

The CDOCAST vacuum gold bar Making machine is specially designed for casting ...

Metal granulator

Metal granulator

The CDOCAST vacuum gold bar Making machine is specially designed for casting ...

Small Upward Continous Casting Machine

Small Upward Continous Casting Machine

CDOCAST Small upward continuous casting machine is ideal for the production f...

Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine

Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine

The CDOCAST jewelry continuous casting machine is designed to draw small volu...

Jewelry Vacuum Casting Machine

Jewelry Vacuum Casting Machine

Jewelry  Vacuum Casting Machine is customized made to melt and cast 1-6 kg of...

3-15kg Integrated Gold Melting Machine

3-15kg Integrated Gold Melting Machine

CDOCAST 1kg-15kg gold melting machine  is special designed for melting gold, ...

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CDOCAST is dedicated to providing the best PRECIOUS METAL MELTING FURNACE & CASTNG MACHINE With more than 20 years of focused development, CDOCAST products have been installed in more than 120 countries worldwide with a total volume of 100+ Turnkey solutions in precious metals.

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CDOCAST Buyer’s guide will give you a shortcut in precious metal casting business.

Gold Melting Furnace Price -Ultimate Pricing Guide

As you consider purchasing a gold melting furnace from us, the very first question you would ask probably is: How much does a gold melting furnace cost?

This pricing guide helps to give you an idea about the initial budget and the ownership costs associated with each type of gold melting furnaces.

▍Buying a Gold Melting Furnace Is a Not Like Buying a Car.
With so many options available, price ranges can vary drastically.

In general, a furnace for melting gold can cost $1,000-$30,000 upfront depending on a wide range of factors including Technology, Capacity Speed, Functions & Features, The factor that most affects the price is the capacity. Therefore, every time you consult the gold melting furnace, you must tell our technical team how many kilograms you need to melt per day or how many kilograms you need to melt per batch, so that our technical team can give the most accurate price.

How To Make High Quality Gold Bar & Bullion -Vacuum Gold Bar Casting Machine

How to Make high quality Gold Bar & Bullion -Vacuum gold bar casting machine


Gold is a permanent substance, and its value has been recognized internationally, so it has played an important economic role since ancient times! As we all know, the most important value of investing in gold lies in the “eternal value” that will not evaporate from the world and will never disappear. In the current world of ultra-long-cycle inflation, for most ordinary investors, investing in gold is undoubtedly better than stocks. Safer and the best way to resist risks.

Investing in gold bullion has become the best choice for many investors. From an investment perspective, investing in gold bullion is based on international gold prices with a small amount of handling fees. The most important thing is to withdraw physical objects to reduce investment risks. With the strong gold bull market Trend, win in stability.

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    • Product Name: Hydraulic titling Small Induction Furnace
    • Description: CDOCAST Hydraulic tilting small induction furnace is designed with the hydraulic tilting for 100kg-500kg capacity metal melting ,power varies from 45kw-160kw which adopt the IGBT induction heating ...
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