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CDOCAST Metal Vacuum Powder Making Machine is specially designed to make gold, silver,  copper, brass, steel, iron and its alloy fine powders, It adopts the vacuum pump to ensure that the powder production process under the vacuum condition can minimize oxidation.

A certain number of small holes will be drilled in the bottom of the graphite crucible, through which the molten metal can flow out, and then under the force of the high-pressure water pump break the metal liquid into very fine powder.

CDOCAST Vacuum powder making machine covers a small operation area and is very simple to operate. The melting time only takes 10-20mins. and The Powder making time can be completed in 10-20 minutes according to the particle size of the powder. Only one worker is required to operate the whole process, with the feature of small loss and high metal recovery rate.

Cdocast Vacuum powder making machine is also called water atomizer. means, the principle of this machine is to use super high-pressure water pumped by the high-pressure water pump to disperse metal melt into 100-1000 mesh size metal powder,  this small Vacuum powder making machine comes with the feature of high production efficiency and small investment

Machine Pictures

10kg 20kg 30kg 50kg Metal Vacuum Powder Making Machine

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vacuum powder Making Machine

powder making50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg Steel Iron Copper Aluminum  Powder Making Machine

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iron steel powder making machine

5kg Metal Vacuum Gas Atomization Powder Making Machine

gas atomization machine→Learn more about the powder making


Water Atomizer/Vacuum Metal Powder Making Machine

The process of making metal powder by water atomization has a long history. In ancient times, people poured molten iron into water to make it explode into fine metal particles, which were used as raw materials for making steel; There are also people who pour molten lead water directly into the water to make lead pills. The process principle of making alloy powder by water atomization is the same as that of making water-burst metal liquid in ancient times, but modern technology has greatly improved the efficiency of crushing and manufacturing particles

To make metal alloy powder by high-pressure water atomization method, first, melt the raw metal in the melting furnace, and then the molten gold must be overheated for about 50 degrees and then injected into the tundish. Start the high-pressure water pump before the injection of metel solution, and let the high-pressure water atomization device start the workpiece. The metel liquid in the tundish enters the atomizer through the nozzle at the bottom of the tundish through the beam flow.

water atomizer

The atomizer is the key part for producing metal alloy powder by high-pressure water mist. The atomizer is related to the metal powder-making efficiency, Under the action of the high-pressure water from the atomizer, the molten metal liquid is continuously broken into fine droplets, which fall into the cooling liquid in the water tank and solidify into alloy powder。

In the traditional high-pressure water atomization process for producing metal powder, the metal powder can be collected continuously, but a small amount of metal powder is lost with the atomized water, In the process of producing alloy powder by high-pressure water atomization, the atomized product is concentrated in the atomization device, and then precipitated and filtered (it can be dried if necessary, and generally sent directly to the next process。

A complete set of equipment for producing metal alloy powder by high-pressure water atomization is composed of the following parts:

1:For the melting part, the medium frequency induction melting furnace is the best choice. The capacity of the furnace depends on the processing capacity of the metal powder, we have furnace capacity from 2kg to 100kg per batch.

2:  The atomization part, the equipment in this part is non-standard equipment, which should be designed and arranged according to the site conditions of the manufacturer, mainly including the tundish: when the tundish is produced in winter, it needs to be preheated;

Atomizer: the atomizer will come from high-pressure water, The high-pressure water of the pump impacts the metal liquid from the tundish at a predetermined speed and angle, breaking it into metal droplets.

Under the same water pump pressure, the amount of fine metal powder after atomization is related to the atomization efficiency of the atomizer; the atomization cylinder: it is the place where the alloy powder is atomized, crushed, cooled and collected.

3:In order to prevent the ultra-fine alloy powder from being lost with water, the obtained alloy powder should be left for a period of time after atomization, and then placed in the powder collecting box.

4:Post-processing part: powder collecting box: used to collect the atomized alloy powder and separate and remove excess water; drying furnace: dry the wet alloy powder with water;

screening machine: sieve the alloy powder, Out-of-specification coarser alloy powder can be re-melted and atomized as the return material


1: Adopt the electromagnetic induction heating principle with the feature of rapid melting time and  high production efficiency, The melting temperature rises quickly, the production efficiency is high, and the particle size distribution is good;

2: With the ability to 24-hour continuously work, can meet the needs of customers with different production output

3: Come with  vacuum Pump design, the whole granulation is carried out in the vacuum environment to minimize oxidation

4: CDOCAST vacuum powder making machine can be used for both granulation and pulverizing. with One machine you can do both purposes

5: This Vacuum powder making machine covers a very small production area and is easy to operate.  No engineer needs to sent to do the on-site installation .

6: The Vacuum powder making machine with different capacity can be customized according to customer’s demand, and the maximum capacity can reach 100 kg per batch.

7:The brand-new integrated furnace body structure design helps to improve the performance of powder making.

8:The metal smelting process can be protected by inert gas to reduce oxidation;



Integrated Type Powder Making Machine

Power 20 KW 25 KW 30 KW 40 KW 45 KW 50 KW
Voltage 380V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz
Melting time 10 min 15 min 18 min 20 min 25 min 30 min
Casting time 2 min 3 min 5 min 8 min 10 min 15 min
Capacity 5 kg gold 10 kg gold 15 kg gold 20 kg gold 30 kg gold 50 kg gold
Pump power 15 KW 15 KW 15 KW 23 KW 23 KW 23 KW
Water pressure 15Mpa 15Mpa 15Mpa 20Mpa 20Mpa 20Mpa
Flow rate 20L/min 20L/min 20L/min 30L/min 30L/min 30L/min
Dimension 1360*1135*2000 mm 1450*1290*2000 mm
Weight 680 kg 700 kg 720 kg 750 kg 1000 kg 1100 kg
Application metal Gold、Silver、Copper、Aluminum、Zinc、Tin、etc.

Platform Type Powder Making Machine

Hydraulic metal
Power 50 KW 75 KW 90 KW
Voltage 380V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz
Capacity 50 kg gold 100 kg gold 150 kg gold
Platform Dimension 4*4*2.5 m 4*5*2.5 m 4*5*2.5 m
Capacity 5 kg gold 10 kg gold 15 kg gold
Powder size 200-1000 mesh 200-1000 mesh 200-1000 mesh
Hydraulic pump Inlet pressure: ≥0.1 MPA, Outlet pressure: 17MPA, Flow rate: 170L/min, Speed: 405r/min
Casting method Gravity granulation Gravity granulation Gravity granulation
Applacation metal Iron, stainless steel, platinum and other high temperature metals

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Powder making machine panel

Siemens PLC control panel can be set up in multiple languages,all operations can be done with touching of the screen

Vacuum powder making machine

The dual purpose casting machine can be customized to produce powder or granule depending on the size of metal you want

Vacuum powder making machine

Every detail of the CDOCAST vacuum powder casting machine has been improved to advanced technology

Why CDOCAST Vacuum Powder Making Machine

2 Years Warranty Time

2 Years Warranty Time

CDOCAST Provide 2 Warranty time , and during the warranty time we will be responsible for the all aftersales service & spare parts for free



CDOCAST Provide more value & turnkey Solution to Metal Melting & Casting According to Each Customer

 Quality Gurantee

Quality Gurantee

We owe it to each of our customers, CDOCAST adopt world famous brand components to improve our machine working performance.

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