Platinum Manual Tilting Melting Furnace

30KG Platinum Tilting Melting Furnace

CDOCAST new design 30KG Platinum Tilting Melting Furnace is specially designed for melting platinum, palladium, steel, stainless steel, and other high temperature metals with large capacity.

The melting furnace adopts the most advanced electromagnetic induction heating technology and has a fast melting speed. The tilting design and small trolley for placing graphite molds make operation easier and more convenient.

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Mini Jewellry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine

Mini Jewellry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine

CDOCAST Mini Jewellry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine is specially designed for making gold, silver, copper, and precious metals jewelry in a small capacity of 1kg.

The built-in vacuum pump design makes the machine occupy a small area. The entire casting process is carried out in a vacuum and protective gas environment to protect your valuable jewelry from oxidation, achieve high density, high compactness, almost no bubbles, and basically achieve shrinkage-free casting.

Gold Powder Making Machine

Gold Powder Making Machine

CDOCAST Gold Powder Making Machine is specially designed for making fine powder of gold, silver, copper, brass, steel, iron, and their alloys, and the powder size can be 100-1000 mesh.

A certain number of small holes are drilled at the bottom of the graphite crucible, and the molten metal can flow out of these holes, and then the molten metal is broken into fine powder by a high-pressure water pump.

Copper Plate Continuous Casting Machine

Copper Plate Continuous Casting Machine

The CDOCAST Copper Plate Continuous Casting Machine is designed to draw small volumes of different shapes of precious metals such as gold, silver, karat gold, copper alloys, etc. The continuous casting machine is a pull-down type and you can get the required semi-finished products with only one machine. And semi-finished products can be shaped in rectangular, cylindrical, circular, and rod shapes and can be available in wires, sheets, or tubes.

It is fitted with an inert gas protection device to minimize oxidation of the metal and, in the case of karat gold drawing, an optional vacuum design allows the entire process to be carried out under vacuum conditions.

Iron powder making machine

Platform Iron Powder Making Machine

How to Make Steel Iron Fine Powder water atomization equipment-Cooldo Iron powder making Machine is designed for making steel, iron powder with the most economical method, this system comes with a capacity of 50kg/100kg/150kg per batch, the production time of powder is about 30-40 mins per batch(including the melting time), you can get the fine powder from 100mesh-1000mesh by using our powder making machine

Mini Powder Making Machine For Gold Silver Copper

Mini Powder Making Machine For Gold Silver Copper

The CDOCAST mini powder making machine is designed for small quantity powder making, with a capacity from 1-4kg, by using this machine, you can get powder from the size up to 100 mesh, which is very good for different refinery industries.

The operation process is simple. Put the metal into the smelting furnace to melt into liquid, pour it into the powder making machine, and make it into powder through the water gun

Gold Silver Copper Granulator

Gold Silver Copper Granulator

Gold Silver Copper Granulator is designed to make fine gold silver copper grains from 0.5mm-2mm size, this granulating machine comes with an automatic lifting loading tray, plug unit, argon gas protection system, bottom metal flow crucible,..etc. The automatic lifting loading tray can be more convenient for handling large output.

The molten metal will flow through the pure graphite and comes with a multihole at the bottom, and The whole granulation process is protected by inert gas argon or nitrogen, which minimizes the oxidation of the metal.

Vacuum Silver Bar Making Machine

Vacuum Silver Bar Making Machine

The Vacuum Silver Bar Making Machine is specially designed for casting high-quality gold and silver bars and billions of different sizes. The capacity can be 1-4 kg or we can customize it according to your needs.

The entire process works in a vacuum environment, and at the same time, the protective gas is filled to ensure that the surface of the bullion is smooth and has no bubbles.

Jewelry Vacuum Casting Machine

Vacuum Jewelry Casting Machine

The Vacuum Jewelry Casting Machine is customized to melt and cast 1-6 kg of jewelry gold, silver, and other precious metals.

The machine is equipped with a Siemens touch screen, which can work fully automatically. The whole working process is in a vacuum environment, and a protective gas is filled at the same time to ensure that the finished jewelry is tight and has no bubbles.

Metal Strip Rolling Mill

Small Metal Strip Rolling Mill

Small Metal Strip Rolling Mill can roll thick metal sheets or thick metal wire to make the metal thinner and finally get the required thickness. It is equipped with a handwheel which makes the adjustment of the required thickness easier. The metal roller also has the advantages of simple structure, hard bearing, and low noise.

Our rolling mills are capable of extruding wire and plate of various sizes and can be customized according to different dimensional requirements.