Heat Treatment Equipment for Precious Metals

Cdocast heat treatment is mainly used for the heat treatment process of precious metals, including annealing, quenching and welding application.Our heat treatment furnaces are divided into periodic box type heat treatment furnace and continuous production mesh belt heat treatment. most of Our heat treatment furnaces are equipped with inert gas protection equipment, which can minimize the oxidation in the heat treatment process, so as to achieve the best effect of semi-finished products.

If you are having a problem making the right choice for a Heat treatment Equipment, for your precious metal , welcome to Contact us for a professional advice.

Mesh belt heat treatment furnace

CDOCAST mesh belt continuous annealing & brazing furnace is mainly used for the annealing of metal materials. It can also be used for welding jewelry, necklaces and other workpieces. The mesh belt transfer design allows the entire annealing or welding process to be continuous working. and the entire heat treatment is carried out under the protection of inert gas to maxinum prevent oxidation  An oxygen combustion device is installed at the furnace mouth to effectively prevent oxygen from entering the heating furnace

Annealing Furnace

CDOCAST annealing furnace is an equipment specially designed for the annealing of precious metals. The heating principle is based on a high temperature resistance wire heating, so that the heating temperature is more uniform and the whole heating process can be controlled.

The annealing furnace comes with a cooling water tank. Therefore, the annealing workpiece can be quickly cooled after heating , what is more, the entire annealing process can be carried out under inert gas (nitrogen protection)


Muffle Furnace

The energy saving muffle furnace is mainly used for normalizing, quenching, and annealing alloy steel products and various metal parts, or for high temperature sintering of diamond cutting blades. Cdocast can provide muffle furnaces with different heating components according to different heating temperature requirements of customers

Rotary burnout oven

Wax rotary burnout oven  is used for melting and flowing the wax in the plaster mold and a hollow plaster mold is obtained in the process of jewelry casting.
Special design for two-time burning; it will re-collect those not fully burnt during the dewaxing process and let them be burnt again for full combustion, and reducing the wax flavor in the environment as much as possible.

Wax Burnout Oven

Wax burnout oven is specially designed for secondary combustion, it recollects the incomplete part of the dewaxing process and re-burns it to fully burn and minimize the wax smell in the environment.

Rolling mill

CDOCAST Jewelry Rolling Mill is an equipment that realizes the precious metal rolling process. In metalworking, rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and to make the thickness uniform. The concept is similar to the rolling of dough.

Our rolling mills are capable of extruding wire and plate of various sizes and can be customized according to different dimensional requirements.

Wire Drawing Machine

The wire drawing machine usually changes the diameter or shape of the wire from the disk to the disk through the wire drawing die to move the required diameter or shape. The wire must be lubricated when it enters the drawing die, and the drawing die has a dedicated cooling (usually water-cooled jacket cooling). The closing machine provides power.

Graphite Crucible

Graphite crucible, with its special advantages and Plasticity, is widely used in the smelting area, e.g. gold smelting, silver smelting, aluminum smelting, and cooper smelting in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical and other industries.

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