Chain Tilting Silver melting furnace

The Most advanced tilting silver melting furnace in china,Full automatic tilting proccess

silver melting furnace
Chain Tilting Silver Melting Furnace
silver melting furnace

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[what is silver melting furnace]

This motor chain tilting silver melting furnace is specially designed for melting 1kg-100kg of silver, but can also be applied for melting large quantities of gold and copper.

The silver melting furnaces are designed with an automatic tilting mechanism, with a motor-driven chain to rotate the furnace which can ensure the tilting operation safe and stable, meanwhile, the tilting speed  is adjustable and comes with the 180-degree rotation of the furnace.

The unique chain drive design allows the pouring point to be fixed at a single point, which is very helpful for spot pouring. Pouring accuracy is greatly improved, thus guaranteeing the quality of the workpiece.

Graphite crucible is adopted in this automatic tilting metal melting furnace, change the crucible is an easy job due to our design,it takes only 10 mins to finish the whole process of changing the crucible. which is an ideal choice for some new factories.

CDOCAST  chain motor-driven Small Titling Melting furnace is specially designed for melting small batches of capacity  metal from 20-100kg metal. The height of this furnace is relatively higher than other melting furnaces, which can be very suitable for the pouring casting process of various metal ingots.

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Machine Pictures

silver melting fiurnacesilver melting furnace



The Siemens operation panel is optional customized 


Model CDO-CT25 CDO-CT35 CDO-CT45 CDO-CT100
Power 25kw 40kw 50kw 70kw
Voltage 3P, 380V, 50/60hz 3P, 380V, 50/60hz 3P, 380V, 50/60hz 3P, 380V, 50/60hz
Applicable metal Gold, silver, copper Gold, silver, copper Gold, silver, copper Gold, silver, copper
Max temperature 1800℃ 1800℃ 1800℃ 1800℃
Melting time 8-10min 15-18min 20-25min 25-30min
Melting pot material Pure graphite Pure graphite Silicon carbide Silicon carbide
Max capacity Gold:30kg
Dimension (LWH) Main frame:700*900*1200mm Furnace:1000*800*1800mm Main frame:650*600*1000mm Furnace:650*830*1900mm Main frame:650*600*1000mm Furnace:650*830*1900mm Main frame:800*730*1500mm Furnace:880*1100*2240mm

Click the link to get the crucible size


[Silver melting furnace feature]

1: Graphite crucibles and quartz crucibles are available, thus enabling the melting of almost all non-ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and are particularly suitable for small foundries.

2:This small silver melting machine  adopt  advanced IGBT induction heating technology, power from 15kw-110Kw available, compared to KGPS induction heating, comes with energy saving effect of  20% .

3: PLC touch screen design is optional design, all the over-current, over-voltage, water shortage security alarm functions and temperature control can be set and display in the PLC, the operation is convenient and intuitive, the overall structure of the machine is aesthetically pleasing due to the reduced number of buttons in the control cabinet.

4: The crucible can be easily replaced without the need to dismantle the furnace to replace a broken crucible, just take it out. The whole process takes only 20 minutes

5: The silver melting furnace is equipped with a mobile trolley for loading the molds, and at the end of the melting process, the worker only needs to push the trolley to the furnace nozzle for pouring, which greatly increases the safety of the operation.

6: Customized graphite moulds are available to support the entire pouring process according to customer requirements.

silver melting furnace

Chain driven by the motor, can be operated remotely,achieves work efficiency and ensures the safety of the workers

silver melting furnace

Optional lid at the furnace opening to prevent splashing of liquid metal during melting

silver melting furnace

Mould can be designed attached to the furnace body,or on the mould holding car that comes with the furnace 

Why CDOCAST Chain Tilting Silver melting furnace

2 Years Warranty Time

2 Years Warranty Time

CDOCAST Provide 2 Warranty time , and during the warranty time we will be responsible for the all aftersales service & spare parts for free



CDOCAST Provide more value & turnkey Solution to Metal Melting & Casting According to Each Customer

 Quality Gurantee

Quality Gurantee

We owe it to each of our customers, CDOCAST adopt world famous brand components to improve our machine working performance.

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