Precious Metal Casting Machines

Cdocast Precious Metal Casting Machine is mainly used for metal  forming process after metal melting, mainly including continuous casting machine, vacuum pressure continuous casting

machine&vacuum casting  furnace. Each continuous casting machine can be made into vacuum series, which is used to minimize the oxygenation in the casting process, so as to obtain the maximum semi-finished products.

Cdocast Metal Continuous Casting Machine can be applied for  all sizes of metal strip , wire, rod, bar ,bullion casting .

Cdocast has 10 years of experience in metal casting industry. If you need this, please inquire

Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine

The CDOCAST vacuum gold bar Making machine is specially designed for casting high quality gold and silver bars and ingots. This gold bar Making machine can melt up to 4 x 1 kg of gold and silver ingots per batch. Or max 1pcs 15kg bullion on batch. And other customized sizes bullion can also be cast in our furnace.



Capacity:1kg-30kg gold&silver bar casting

Application:gold,silver& platinum bullion casting

Jewelry Vacuum Casting Machine

Jewelry  Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine is customized made to melt and cast 1-6 kg of jewelry gold, silver, and other precious metals. Precious metal is melted and cast in an argon-protected atmosphere under a vacuum to protect your precious jewelry from oxidation。


Power:3 phase,380V,15kw-35kw


Application: gold, silver, copper..etc

Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine

The CDOCAST jewelry continuous casting machine is designed to draw small volumes of different shapes of precious metals such as gold, silver, karat gold, copper alloys, etc. The continuous casting machine is pull down type and you can get the required semi-finished products with only one machine. And the semi-finished products, can be shaped in rectangular, cylindrical, circular and rod shapes.and can be available in wires, sheets or tubes.

Metal granulator

The metal granulator produced by CDOCAST is applied to produce various metal grains, such as gold, silver, K gold, copper, etc. The metal granulator includes three parts: the furnace, the water tank, and the loading frame.CDOCAST metal grains making machine adopt the induction heating technology which can finish the full grains making process in 30mins, the grains making by the granulator is round and uniform in shape


Power: 3phase,15kw-70kw


Application:gold,silver, copper and alloy


Small Upward Continous Casting Machine

CDOCAST Small upward continuous casting machine is ideal for the production of gold, silver, copper wires, sheets, or tubes, with outstanding properties of high conductivity and good drawability. Our upward casting machine have been designed with the most up-to-date technology to give you semi-finished production with the best quality in the shortest time.


Power: Three-phase, 380v,45kw

Capacity:50kg copper, 100kg silver,150kg gold per hour

Application:gold, silver& copper rod tube casting

Centrifugal Vacuum Casting Machine

CDOCAST Centrifugal Vacuum casting machine is specially designed for small volume platinum, palladium, stainless steel casting, this centrifugal casting machine comes  with a vacuum pump design, thus the whole casting process will be in a vacuum condition, which can minimize the oxidation of the metal, When the charge is molten, the coil is retracted and the arm starts to spin in a high speed



Capacity: 300g,500g,1kg

Application:platinum.pladimum, stainless steel


Vacuum Powder Making Machine

CDOCAST Vacuum Powder Making Machine is specially designed to make gold, silver, and copper powders and grains, It adopts the vacuum system to ensure that the full powder production process under the vacuum condition can minimize oxidation.  vacuum power making machines adopt induction heating technology which can finish the whole process in 10-30 mins




Application:gold, silver, platinum, copper,steel

Gas atomization vacuum powder making machine

CDOCAST Vacuum gas atomization equipment is a technical device used to convert metal liquids into fine particles. It usually works in a vacuum environment by spraying liquid into small particles, which quickly evaporate or solidify in the air, forming solid particles or powders.



Capacity: 5kg Steel

Application: All metals

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