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In the process of jewelry processing and industrial production, there must be a process of pressing sheets or wires. In the past years, it took a lot of manual hammering to change metal blocks into sheets. Nowadays, metal materials will be melted into blocks or strips, and you need to press the metal into the sheets or wire through a wire rolling mill or plate rolling mill.

Precious Metal Wire & Plate rolling Mill is widely used in machinery manufacturing, the hardware processing industry, semi-finished gold jewelry processing, artwork metal finished product processing, and other industries. The metal rolling mill can roll a variety of metal materials, and the ” roller” of the rolling mill needs to be carefully selected based on different requirements.

The roller of the rolling mill generally can be divided into three types of materials: DC-53, CR12MOV, and tungsten steel.
DC-53 axis: It has high hardness and good toughness, mainly pressing alloy metals with high hardness such as gold, platinum and palladium.

Chromium molybdenum vanadium shaft (CR12MOV): low cost, mainly used to press 24K gold, pure silver, 925 silver, high and new materials with strong extensibility and joint filler metal.

Tungsten steel roller: the roller has high hardness and a good mirror effect. It is applied in rolling K gold, 925 silver, and stainless steel. It is mainly used for the mirror effect treatment of products. Its roller surface has high durability.

CDOCAST Jewelry Rolling Mill is equipment that realizes the precious metal rolling process. In metal working, rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and to make the thickness uniform. The concept is similar to the rolling of dough.

Our rolling mills are capable of extruding wire and plates of various sizes and can be customized according to different dimensional requirements.

CDOCAST  precious Metal Rolling Mill is designed for roll the precious metal plate into desired

Machine Pictures

rolling mill

20P Ultraprecision Numerical Control Rolling Mill(With Magnetic Powder Clutch Coiler)

20P rolling mill

75P Ultraprecision Numerical Control Rolling Mill

75P rolling mill


Model number CDO-HP4 CDO-HP5.5 CDO-HP8 CDO-HP10 CDO-HP15 CDO-HP5+ CDO-HP8+
Voltage AC 380V (50/60Hz 3phase)
Power 3kw 3.7kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 3.7kw 5.5kw
Roller size(mm) Ø 90*168(W) Ø 110*188(W) Ø 120*208(W) Ø 150*208(W) Ø 180*248(W) Ø 100*60(W) Ø 120*100(W)
Roll materials Chromium molybdenum vanadium shaft (CR12MOV) Imported tungsten steel
Roll Hardness 59-61° 59-61° 59-61° 59-61° 59-61° 92-95° 92-95°
Weight 280kg 450kg 550kg 900kgs 1500kgs 450kg 700kg
Dimensions(cm) 68*50*128 88*58*140 98*58*148 108*68*150 138*78*158 88*58*140 98*58*148


Feature of  Rolling Mill

1: Use the highest grade rolls to ensure the quality stability of the machine and has the advantages of simple structure, firmness, small space occupation, low noise, convenient operation, etc.

2: The machine structure is heavy and stable, and the safety of operation is greatly improved

3: The rolling mill can be customized according to customer needs

4. The synchronous connecting rod gear is used to ensure uniform metal thickness and high precision of finished products.

7. The combination of multiple drivers and different drive structures has moderate speed and can prevent interference.

8. Heavy body increases the stability of equipment operation.

9. Strictly control the manufacturing accuracy of equipment parts, and machine parts can be processed according to the accuracy on the drawings. Parts of the same model can be replaced with each other, and the maintenance is fast and convenient.

10. High-hardness roll material makes the plate very flat and produces uniform thickness;

11. Equipped with an emergency stop button, with good safety protection performance;

12. Rolling different precious metals without loss

Why CDOCAST Rolling mill

2 Years Warranty Time

2 Years Warranty Time

CDOCAST Provide 2 Warranty time , and during the warranty time we will be responsible for the all aftersales service & spare parts for free



CDOCAST Provide more value & turnkey Solution to Metal Melting & Casting According to Each Customer

 Quality Gurantee

Quality Gurantee

We owe it to each of our customers, CDOCAST adopt world famous brand components to improve our machine working performance.

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