Hydraulic Press Bullion Logo Making Machine

Hydraulic Press Logo Making Machine

hydraulic press machine

Hydraulic Press Bullion Logo Making Machine

Bullion Logo Making Machine  is designed for  gold& silver bar and coin minting .It is mainly used for embossing the patterns and designs of gold bars and coins.Hydraulic presses are mainly divided into four-pillar model  and frame model, according to different needs to choose different structures, usually four-pillar hydraulic presses are relatively expensive, but also according to the location of the cylinder, can be divided into cylinder up hydraulic presses and cylinder down hydraulic presses.

Small rolling mill for press gold, silver sheets,plate,wire

Small rolling mill for press gold, silver sheets, plate,wire

CDOCAST small rolling mill can roll thick metal sheets or thick metal wire to make the metal thinner and finally get the required thickness. The rolling mill is equipped with a handwheel which makes the adjustment of the required thickness easier. The metal roller also has the advantages of simple structure, hard bearing, and low noise.

Our rolling mills are capable of extruding wire and plate of various sizes and can be customized according to different dimensional requirements.

Hydraulic Logo Stamping& Blanking Machine

Hydraulic Logo Stamping& Blanking Machine

Hydraulic Logo Stamping  Machine

CDOCAST Hydraulic Logo Stamping Machine Metal Extruding Machine is designed for gold& silver bar and coin minting. It is mainly used for embossing the patterns and designs of gold bars and coins. The meaning of embossing is to press the die of a coin on the press to punch the obverse and reverse patterns of the coin on the blank. After this step, the unique coins come out and can be sold to the market.

Metal Extruding Machine

Metal Extruding Machine

CDOCAST Metal Extruding Machine is the latest multi-purpose four column horizontal machine developed by our company, which is controlled by microcomputer PLC.
This metal extruder is mainly applicable to:
1. It is applicable to the extrusion of various specifications of copper and copper alloy wires (rods).
2. It is applicable to the extrusion of silver and aluminum alloy wires (rods) of various specifications.
3.cdocast metal extruder is suitable for the extrusion of zinc materials and non-ferrous metal wires.

Metal continuous extruding equipment

Metal continuous extruding equipment for copper

This metal continuous extruding equipment is mainly suitable for various shapes and specifications of copper and zinc extrusion, extrusion into sheet or bar products. The extrusion die head adopts the built-in way, which can completely extrude the material in the die head at one time. There is no excess tail material in the die head, and it is resistant and continuous extrusion. The die head adopts an automatic opening and closing structure design. When the die head is opened and closed, only need to press the opening button to change the die.

Gold Tester

How to test gold for its purity-CDOCAST gold tester

The analysis method of the gold tester is an X-ray detector with a certain energy resolution to simultaneously detect various energy characteristics emitted by the sample. X For ray, the gold testing machine output signal amplitude is proportional to the received X-ray energy. The energy size and intensity of the detector output signal are analyzed by an energy spectrometer, and the sample is quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed. This instrument is the top technology in the precious metals industry.

Portable gold testing machine

Portable Gold Testing Machine

CDOCAST portable gold testing machine is mainly used for precious metals, minerals, alloys, and soil. Portable XRF Spectrometers can be used in any field that requires analysis of elements or compounds from Na to U.

The main business industries include building materials (cement, glass, ceramics), metallurgy (steel, non-ferrous metals), petroleum (trace elements such as S, Pb, etc.), chemical industry, environmental protection, food safety, geological mining, commodity inspection, quality inspection, and human body trace element inspection, etc.

Automatic Rolling Mill

Automatic Rolling Mill

CDOCAST rolling mill is designed for the wire drawing process for copper ,silver ,gold wire drawing ,it is automatically rolling mill . Our rolling mills are capable of extruding wire rod and plate of various sizes and can be customized to meet different dimensional requirements.

Coins Hydraulic Press

CDOCAST Coins Hydraulic Press For Minting

Coins hydraulic press is specially designed for the minting of gold and silver bars and coins, and is mainly used for the embossing of patterns and patterns on gold bars and coins, the hydraulic press is mainly divided into four-column type and frame type, different structures can be chosen according to different needs, usually the price of the four-column type hydraulic press is relatively high, at the same time, according to the position of the cylinder, it can be divided into hydraulic press above the cylinder and hydraulic press below the cylinder.

XRF Gold Testing Machine

XRF Gold Testing Machine

XRF Gold Analyzer can accurately analyze the purity of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other four kinds of precious metals, the analytical error range of 0.01% ~ 0.3%.
It can simultaneously determine 25 elements such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, nickel, zinc, molybdenum, iridium, rhodium, osmium, ruthenium, chromium, iron and so on.
The whole process only needs to put the precious metals in the test area for analysis, without destroying the original precious metals, to avoid the loss of precious metals.