Small rolling mill for press gold, silver sheets,plate,wire

Small rolling mill for press gold, silver sheets, plate,wire

CDOCAST small rolling mill can roll thick metal sheets or thick metal wire to make the metal thinner and finally get the required thickness. The rolling mill is equipped with a handwheel which makes the adjustment of the required thickness easier. The metal roller also has the advantages of simple structure, hard bearing, and low noise.

Hydraulic Logo Stamping& Blanking Machine

Hydraulic Logo Stamping& Blanking Machine

CDOCAST Hydraulic Logo Stamping& Blanking MachineMetal Extruding Machine is designed for gold& silver bar and coin minting. It is mainly used for embossing the patterns and designs of gold bars and coins. The meaning of embossing is to press the die of a coin on the press to punch the obverse and reverse patterns of the coin on the blank. After this step, the unique coins come out and can be sold to the market.

Gold smelting machine

Double crucible graphite &quartz crucible gold smelting machine

CDOCAST manual tilting gold melting machine is a small capacity tilting gold, silver, and copper smelting furnace, capacity from 1kg to 15kg. Both graphite crucible and quartz crucible can be used on this gold smelting machine when smelting different metals, saving cost and space. These tilting gold melting machines can melt precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. so that usually graphite and quartz crucibles are adopted .we use pure graphite crucibles to melt gold, silver copper, and when melting platinum and palladium we use quartz crucibles.

Metal continuous extruding equipment

Metal continuous extruding equipment for copper

This metal continuous extruding equipment is mainly suitable for various shapes and specifications of copper and zinc extrusion, extrusion into sheet or bar products. The extrusion die head adopts the built-in way, which can completely extrude the material in the die head at one time. There is no excess tail material in the die head, and it is resistant and continuous extrusion. The die head adopts an automatic opening and closing structure design. When the die head is opened and closed, only need to press the opening button to change the die.

Gold Tester

How to test gold for its purity-CDOCAST gold tester

The analysis method of the gold tester is an X-ray detector with a certain energy resolution to simultaneously detect various energy characteristics emitted by the sample. X For ray, the gold testing machine output signal amplitude is proportional to the received X-ray energy. The energy size and intensity of the detector output signal are analyzed by an energy spectrometer, and the sample is quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed. This instrument is the top technology in the precious metals industry.

How to make jewelry, bracelets

How to make jewelry, bracelets-Jewelry making machine

CDOCAST provides a complete set of jewelry casting equipment, guiding you on how to cast bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. from raw materials. The main equipment includes small induction melting furnaces, rolling mills, annealing furnaces, hydraulic press machines, welding machines, polishing machines, washing machines, etc. pls feel free to inquiry now.

Rolling mill for press bars

Rolling mill  for presses silver bars into silver sheets

CDOCAST jewelry mill is a kind of equipment for precious metal rolling process.In metalworking, rolling is a metalforming process in which a blank is reduced and uniform in thickness by one or more pairs of rollers.The concept is similar to rolling a dough. This video shows the basic operation of the mill, extrusion of silver bars into thin sheets.

Wire Drawing Machine

Wire Drawing Machine

CDOCAST metal wire drawing machine is widely used in industrial applications of metal processing equipment, mostly used in machinery manufacturing, hardware processing, semi-finished gold jewelry processing, artwork metal finished processing, precious metal experiments, battery manufacturing and other industries. Its role is to pull the coarse wire into fine wire, so that the wire diameter is reduced, roundness increased, and change its internal microstructure, so that the surface roughness and straightness to meet the standards of raw material production and processing requirements.

Portable gold testing machine

Portable Gold Testing Machine

CDOCAST portable gold testing machine is mainly divided into 3 types:

The first model :Ckey 3000 mainly detects all kinds of metal alloy brands. There are 350 kinds of alloy brand database, which can detect solid, liquid and powder.American SI-PIN detector is adopted to ensure the fast and stable detection results.

The second model :CKey 6000 is mainly used to detect ore and ROHS harmful substances, it can detect all 83 elements from magnesium PU, the display screen can show PPM and %, can choose multiple languages and switch.

The third model :CKey9000 mainly adopts the rapid analysis of soil composition.This handheld spectrometer is mainly used to analyze the metal content in soil. It also adopts the Cash SI-PIN test. Due to technical difficulties and high price, it is suitable for customers with special needs.

Automatic Rolling Mill

Automatic Rolling Mill

CDOCAST rolling mill is designed for the wire drawing process for copper ,silver ,gold wire drawing ,it is automatically rolling mill . Our rolling mills are capable of extruding wire rod and plate of various sizes and can be customized to meet different dimensional requirements.