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[Gas atomization vacuum powder making machine]

CDOCAST  Gas Atomization Vacuum Powder Making Machine is a technical device used to convert metal liquids into fine particles. It usually works in a vacuum environment by spraying liquid into small particles, which quickly evaporate or solidify in the air, forming solid particles or powders.

This Vacuum gas atomization equipment is widely used in many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, cosmetics, etc. Here are some possible application scenarios

1:Pharmaceutical industry: used to prepare drug granules, such as atomizing drug solutions into fine particles for oral or injection purposes.
2:Chemical industry: used in the production of powdered or granular chemicals, such as the preparation process of certain powder coatings.
3:Food processing industry: A powder form used for preparing seasonings, food additives, color pigments, etc. for easy mixing and application.
4:Cosmetics industry: used to prepare foundation make-up, eye shadow, honey powder and other cosmetics products.
5;Materials science: used for preparing powder metallurgy materials, ceramic materials, etc

The vacuum gas atomization equipment includes a vacuum induction melting furnace, where the metal alloy is melted, refined, and degassed. The refined melt is squeezed through small holes into a gas supersonic nozzle, where the melt flow is decomposed by the kinetic energy of the high-pressure inert gas flow; The metal powder solidifies in the atomization tower and is directly located below the atomization nozzle. The powder gas mixture is transported through a conveying pipe to a cyclone separator, where the coarse powder and fine powder are separated. The metal powder is collected in sealed containers located directly below the cyclone separator.

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5Kg Gas atomization vacuum powder making machine




Gas Atomization Vacuum Powder Making Machine

10Kg -500Kg Vacuum Gas Atomizer

gas atomizerGas Atomization Vacuum Powder Making Machine




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Working Principles

Gas Atomization Vacuum Powder Making Machine Working Principles 


1. Melting Process: First The furnace should be vacuumed, and the raw materials in the crucible are induced to melt in a vacuum environment. After meeting the process requirements, the metal liquid is poured into the insulation crucible of the tundish, and flows into the atomization nozzle through the guide hole at the bottom of the insulation crucible;

2. Atomization Process: The atomization nozzle is filled with high-pressure inert gas, which accelerates through the Laval structure cavity to form a supersonic airflow. The metal liquid that falls into the atomization zone is impacted and broken, causing it to atomize into fine metal droplets;

3. Powder collection: Liquid droplets become spherical particles under surface tension in the air, rapidly cool and solidify into metal powder in the atomization chamber, and then collect the metal powder through a cyclone separation system


Gas Atomization Vacuum Powder  Making Machine Feature:


1. Strong applicability, capable of preparing most metals and their alloys that cannot be atomized with air or water. Typical products include stainless steel, mold steel, high-temperature alloys, cobalt chromium alloys, aluminum alloys, etc.

2. There are various incoming materials, including alloy ingredients, parent alloy, and powder return materials;

3. The cooling rate is fast, and the solidification rate of droplets reaches 103-106K/s, rapidly solidifying into fine microcrystalline structures;

4. High purity, refined alloy under vacuum, with gas and impurity content

5. Good powder quality, using tightly coupled or free atomization nozzle technology, with high sphericity and controllable particle size;

6. Easy to operate, short production preparation time, and capable of continuous batch production;

7: High controllability: Vacuum atomization equipment usually has multiple process parameters to adjust, such as liquid injection speed, pressure, temperature, etc., allowing the operator to accurately control the size, shape, and distribution of particles.
8: Stable powder quality: Due to atomization in a vacuum environment, the influence of impurities and oxygen in the gas on the powder can be reduced, thereby ensuring the quality and stability of the powder.

9: Avoiding oxidation reactions: Due to the low oxygen content in the vacuum environment, oxidation reactions of some substances can be avoided during the atomization process, thereby maintaining the chemical properties of the raw materials


Gas Atomization Vacuum Powder Making Machine Parameter:

Model CDO-GP5
Voltage 380V,3P
Max temperatuer 1800℃
Capacity 5kg molten iron
Gas pressure ≥5MPa, pressure control accuracy 2~3%
Gas flow rate 3.0-30Nm³/min, flow control accuracy 3%
Commonly used powder granules size segments 15~45μm,15~53μm,53~150μm
Power supply Adopts power Medium frequency power supply
Oscillation frequency 1-20KHz
Max input power 45KW
Output current 15-95A
Output voltage 70~550V
Cooling water ≥0.2MPa ≥6L/min
weight 35KG
Load duration 100%
Input voltage 380V 3P 50/60Hz
Chamber size Φ500*500mm
Vacuum degree < 5X10-3Pa
Chamber inflation pressure < 0.05MPa
Boost rate <4 Pa/h
Burnout protection and display yes
Over temperature protection yes
Overcurrent protection yes
Under water pressure protection yes
Temperature control PID
Control accuracy ± 1~ 5 ℃(more than 600℃)
Atomization system The atomization system consists of nozzles, high-pressure air pipes, valves, etc.
Gas supply system The gas supply system is a device that provides gas to the atomizing nozzle. It consists of valves, high-pressure pipes and gas source busbars.
Atomization chamber It is a container that can connect all devices together as required. It is a space where metal droplets condense. The inner wall is stainless steel, the outer layer is carbon steel, and the middle is a water-cooled interlayer.
Powder collector During the powder making process, some ultra-fine powder flies out along the pipe with the high-speed air flow. If not collected, it will pollute the environment and waste materials, so they must be recycled. The current recovery method is to use cyclone separators and water phase collection methods to solve the problem.
Control system It adopts PLC plus touch screen control, and all operations are integrated on the touch screen. The software interface is simple and easy to operate, and one-click vacuuming can be achieved. Support data collection, storage and export.
Observation window Diameter 90mm

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Powder making machine panel

Gas Atomization Vacuum Powder Making Machine equipped PLC touch screen which the control panel can be set up in multiple languages, and all operations can be done with touching of the screen

gas atomizer vacuum Pump

According to Powder making Process demand, diffusion pumps or molecular pumps can be selected to control the vacuum degree of melting process, Minimize the oxidation rate of metals

Adopting advanced intermediate frequency induction heating technology from Germany, Rapid Melting Speed, high melting efficiency and strong stability, capable of working continuously for 24 hours

Why CDOCAST Gas atomization vacuum powder making machine

2 Years Warranty Time

2 Years Warranty Time

CDOCAST Provide 2 Warranty time , and during the warranty time we will be responsible for the all aftersales service & spare parts for free



CDOCAST Provide more value & turnkey Solution to Metal Melting & Casting According to Each Customer

 Quality Gurantee

Quality Gurantee

We owe it to each of our customers, CDOCAST adopt world famous brand components to improve our machine working performance.

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