3-15kg Integrated Gold Melting Machine

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1kg-15kg gold melting machine
3-15kg Integrated melting furnace

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[What is gold melting machine]

CDOCAST 1kg-15kg gold melting machine is specially designed for melting gold, silver, and copper, with a capacity from 1kg-15kg. We have designed this model to be a one-piece structure, in which the furnace and the power supply will be integrated into one cabinet, which greatly increases the ease of operation and makes the furnace smaller in size,

This gold melting machine is equipped with crucible tongs, graphite molds, and high-temperature gloves, when melt finishes,  the worker just needs to remove the crucible containing the molten metal with the crucible tongs, pour it into the custom-made graphite mold, and then cool and fix it into shape.

The Gold melting machine is designed with a water pump inside, so the user only needs to prepare a bucket of water to keep the machine running if it is not required to work continuously for long periods of time,  If the Gold melting machine has to work continuously for a long period of time during the day, we recommend using a water chiller in combination in order to extend the lifetime of our machines.

CDOCAST  Gold melting machine is designed based on the IGBT Induction technology, Compared to resistance wire heating, induction heating has the advantage of faster melting speeds, requiring only 3-5 minutes per batch.

CDOCAST  gold melting machine is the ideal machine for labs, jewelry shops, research institutes, and mining companies.

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Machine Pictures

1-15kg Small Gold Melting Machine

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gold melting machine

4kg gold melting machineGold Melting Machine With Infrared temperature measurement

gold melting machine

Gold Melting Furnace Graphite Crucible Size:(click picture to get more details)

gold melting furnace graphite crucible size

Description Size(mm)
Capacity Name Ø1 Ø2 H
1kg Graphite crucible 55 34 89
Quartz sleeve 69 50 86
2kg Graphite crucible 65 44 110
Quartz sleeve 80 60 106
3kg Graphite crucible 85 60 105
Quartz sleeve 99 78 103
4kg Graphite crucible 85 60 136.5
Quartz sleeve 100 80 136
5kg Graphite crucible 100 70 135
Quartz sleeve 120 90 135
6kg Graphite crucible 105 70 155
Quartz sleeve 120 94 153
8kg Graphite crucible 115 78 183
Quartz sleeve 132 106 180
10kg Graphite crucible 125 90 183
Quartz sleeve 143 112 182


Model number CDO-FL26 CDO-FL27 CDO-FL28 CDO-FL29 CDO-FL30 CDO-FL31
Applicable metal Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Voltage 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz
Power 15 kw (adjustable) 20 kw (adjustable) 20 kw (adjustable) 25 kw (adjustable) 25 kw (adjustable) 30 kw (adjustable)
Weight 72 kg 75 kg 78 kg 78 kg 78 kg 100 kg
Max capacity Gold: 4 kg
Gold: 5kg
Gold: 6kg
Gold: 8 kg
Gold: 10 kg
Gold: 15 kg
Melting time 2-5 min 3-6 min 3-6 min 5-8 min 5-10min 5-10min
Dimension(LWH) 500*500*860mm 500*500*860mm 500*500*860mm 500*500*860mm 500*500*860mm 500*500*860mm
Max temperature 1800℃ 1800℃ 1800℃ 1800℃ 1800℃ 1800℃
Temperature control k-type Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Water pump Equipped Equipped Equipped Equipped Equipped Equipped
Crucible Size Graphite crucible:Φ85*Φ60*136.5mm
Quartz sleeve:Φ100*Φ80*136mm
Graphite crucible:Φ100*70*135mm
Quartz sleeve:Φ120*Φ90*135mm
Graphite crucible:Φ105*70*155mm
Quartz sleeve:Φ120*Φ94*153mm
Graphite crucible:Φ115*Φ78*183mm
Quartz sleeve:Φ132*Φ106*180mm
Graphite crucible:Φ125*Φ90*183mm
Quartz sleeve:Φ143*Φ112*182mm
Graphite crucible:Φ150*Φ96*210mm
Quartz sleeve:Φ150*Φ132*207mm

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1: CDOCAST Gold melting machine can quickly smelt various metals, the smelting speed is 5 minutes

2: Graphite crucible is adopted and quartz protective sleeve is coated which greatly extends the service life of the crucible

3: Comes with The ability to work continuously for 24 hours which can meet the needs of large smelting capacity customers

4: The color & size of the machine can be customized according to customer needs.

5: There is no need for an engineer to go onsite for installation . CDOCAST provides operating videos and complete instructions for use. users can learn how to use the machine in 30 minutes

gold melting machine

Adopt High-Quality Graphite Crucible With Quartz Protection Coat, Hold Temp Up to 1600 degree

temperaturer of gold melting machine

Machine optional infrared temperature detector, the heating temperature can reach 2000 degrees

supply scope of gold melting machine

Supplied with a mask,gloves,crucible tong,crucible and mould

Why CDOCAST 3-15kg Integrated Gold Melting Machine

2 Years Warranty Time

2 Years Warranty Time

CDOCAST Provide 2 Warranty time , and during the warranty time we will be responsible for the all aftersales service & spare parts for free



CDOCAST Provide more value & turnkey Solution to Metal Melting & Casting According to Each Customer

 Quality Gurantee

Quality Gurantee

We owe it to each of our customers, CDOCAST adopt world famous brand components to improve our machine working performance.

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