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[What is laser welding machine]

The laser welding machine is a device that uses laser beam for welding. It usually consists of laser, optical system, welding head, control system, etc.

The working principle of the laser welding machine is to use the high-energy-density laser beam generated by the laser to focus the laser beam onto the welding area through the optical system, so that the metal material in the welding area is heated to a molten or semi-melted state, and then welding is achieved.

Laser welding machines have the advantages of fast welding speed, high welding quality, small heat affected zone, and are suitable for a variety of materials. They are widely used in welding processing in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronic equipment, medical equipment and other fields.

[The application of laser welding machine]

Laser welding has a wide range of applications in various industrial fields, including but not limited to:

Automobile manufacturing: Used for the welding of automobile bodies, chassis, engine parts, etc., which can achieve high-strength, high-quality connections and improve the structural strength and safety of automobiles.

Aerospace: In the field of aerospace, laser welding is widely used in the welding of aerospace engines, aircraft structural parts, spacecraft components, etc., which can meet the requirements of high strength and lightweight.

Electronic devices: Used for microscopic welding of electronic devices, such as the assembly of circuit boards and the connection of electronic components, etc., which can achieve high-precision and reliable connections.

Medical devices: In medical device manufacturing, laser welding is often used for welding stainless steel, titanium alloys and other materials, such as surgical instruments, planting plants, etc., to ensure the sterility and biocompatibility of the welding area.

Electrical equipment: Used for the connection and repair of electrical equipment, such as generators, transformers, transmission lines, etc., which can improve the durability and reliability of the equipment.

Metal Manufacturing: Used in various metal manufacturing processes, such as pipe connection, assembly of metal components, etc., to achieve efficient and precise welding.

Electronic packaging: used for packaging and welding of semiconductor devices and optoelectronic devices, capable of achieving high-precision connections at a microscopic scale.

Shipbuilding: In shipbuilding, laser welding is used for welding ship hull structures, which can improve weld quality and welding efficiency.

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Machine Pictures

Desktop Laser Welding Machine

Split-type Laser Spot Welding Machine


Automated programming laser welding machine


Desktop Laser Welding Machine

Model number: CDO-SL495 CDO-SL495Pro
Laser power: 80W 150W
Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
Max Single Pulse Energy 80J 100J
Welding Frequency ≤30Hz ≤15Hz
Pulse Width 0.1-20ms 0.1-20ms
Spot Diameter 0.1-3.0mm 0.1-3.0mm
Power Consumption <3.8kw <3.8kw
Electricity Demand AC220V +10%/50Hz/16A AC220V +10%/50Hz/16A
Control System Microcontroller Program Control Microcontroller Program Control
Cooling System Built In Water Cooling Built In Water Cooling

Spot Laser Welding Machine

Model number: CDO-DJ150 CDO-DJ200 CDO-DJ300
Laser power: 150W 200W 300W
Power 6-9KW
Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Laser welding minimum molten pool 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm
Welding Frequency ≤50Hz ≤50Hz ≤50Hz
Pulse Width ≤20ms ≤20ms ≤20ms
Spot Adjustment Range 0.1-3.0mm 0.1-3.0mm 0.1-3.0mm
Electricity Demand AC220V +10%/50Hz/16A AC220V +10%/50Hz/16A AC220V +10%/50Hz/16A
Protective Gas 1 channel 1 channel 1 channel


  1. High energy density: The laser beam has high energy density and can heat the welding area to a molten or semi-melted state in a very short time to achieve rapid welding.
  2. Small thermal impact: Since the welding area is heated for a very short time during the laser welding process, the heat affected area is small, which reduces thermal deformation and residual stress, which is beneficial to the quality assurance of the welded parts.
  3. Fine welding seams: Laser welding machines can achieve high-precision welding. The welding seam width is usually narrow, which can achieve fine welding and reduce subsequent processing steps.
  4. Strong controllability: The laser welding machine can achieve precise control of the welding process by controlling parameters such as laser power and focus position, and can adapt to different materials and welding needs.
  5. Wide application: Laser welding machines are suitable for welding various metal materials, including iron, steel, aluminum, copper, etc., and can be used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronic equipment, medical equipment and other fields.
  6. High degree of automation: Laser welding machines can be used in conjunction with robots, automated production lines and other equipment to achieve automated production and improve production efficiency and consistency.

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2 Years Warranty Time

2 Years Warranty Time

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Quality Gurantee

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