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Upward Continous Casting Machine
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[What is Small Upward Continuous Casting Machine]

CDOCAST Small upward continuous casting machine is ideal for the production of gold, silver, copper wires, sheets, or tubes, with outstanding properties of high conductivity and good drawability. Our small upward continuous casting machine has been designed with the most up-to-date technology to give you semi-finished production with the best quality in the shortest time.

CDOCAST  small upward casting machine adopts the coreless induction heating technology which can heat all metal at a rapid speed, coreless induction furnace enable melting can be 24 hrs,and also can stop any time as you like, Unlike other large-scale casting machine in the market, which must work continuously for 24 hours and non-Stopped, our small continuous manufacturing machine has strong flexibility

The small upward continuous casting machine is driven by servo motors in order to guarantee high stability in speed and high precision control. The Drawing speed is about 1000mm per minute, and the melting time usually takes about 30 minutes.

The small continuous casters adopt the Medium frequency induction heating, the strong metal stirring force can make the metal melt more fully and uniformly, due to the electromagnetic induction effect, the melting speed is rapid, the melting capacity is from 30kg-100Kg.

The most typical advantage of this small upward continuous casting machine is that it does not take up space. our continuous casting machine can cast max of four strands one time, which means each hour’s production capacity can reach up to 200kg per batch.

We also provide the wire rolling mill and wire drawing machine,

which can draw the wire to 0.2mm with the lowest investment.

It is the best choice for some customers with medium production output.

Our advisors are 24/7 online to answer any questions about this small upward continuous casting machine. Contact me to get a free proposal today.

Machine Pictures

Small Upward Continuous Casting Machine:

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upward continuous casting furnace

Operation Panel:


Model number CDO-UP45 CDO-UP70
Voltage 3P, 380V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380V, 50/60Hz
Power 45kw 70kw
Applicable metal Gold, K-Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Capacity 50kg copper 100kg copper
Maximum temperature 1600℃ 1600℃
Temperature control range 0-1300℃ 0-1300℃
Melting time 30 minutes 40 minutes
Drawing speed 1000mm per minute 1000mm per minute
Cast scope Metals Rod, Pipe, Plate Metals Rod, Pipe, Plate
Dimensions 120(L)*63(W)*150(H)cm 120(L)*63(W)*150(H)cm
Weight 400kg 450kg

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1:Different from the cored intermediate frequency induction furnace, the CDOCAST Small upward casting machine can not only work continuously for 24 hours, but also stop production at any time, which is very suitable for small factories.

2:Charcoal is added to prevent oxidation during the entire melting & casting process to minimize metal oxidation

3:Integrated design with small size design, the whole set of equipment adds up to only about 3 cubic meters, the user no need  to prepare the the speical foundation or build a platform for this small upward casting machine , Even a novice can learn to set up and use the equipment in less than half an hour.

4CDOCAST small upward casting machine Can be used for wire and tube drawing  with  various sizes.The crystallizer can be made to different specifications simply by changing the crystallizer to meet the customer’s needs.

5:: Suitable for continuous casting of gold, silver, K-gold as well as brass and copper.

upward casting machine application

Machine adopts medium-frequency induction heating to make the metal melting more fully and evenly

upward casting machine

Adopt the most advanced upward casting technology, can cast different shapes of rods depending on thecustomized mould

upwards casting Panel

A bilingual or English operation panel can be set. PLC touch screen control panel can also be chosen.

Why CDOCAST Small Upward Continous Casting Machine

2 Years Warranty Time

2 Years Warranty Time

CDOCAST Provide 2 Warranty time , and during the warranty time we will be responsible for the all aftersales service & spare parts for free



CDOCAST Provide more value & turnkey Solution to Metal Melting & Casting According to Each Customer

 Quality Gurantee

Quality Gurantee

We owe it to each of our customers, CDOCAST adopt world famous brand components to improve our machine working performance.

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