Small vacuum melting machine

small vacuum melting machine 

The vacuum melting machines is designed for small quantity metal melting gold, silver,platinum, copper, steel  etc with small melting capacity .

this vacuum  melting machine is come with vacuum pump ,which can make the whole meltng process under vacuum condition, and tilting design  with manual tilting which is very convenient for workers to tilt the molten metal liquid into the  mould.  if  you are interested , inquiry now!!

Mesh belt Welding furnace

Mesh belt Welding furnace

Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Furnace is an continuous  heat treatment oven which can be used for all metal heat treatment process, such as annealing, brazing, welding, it is continuous heating process which transfer the products using a mesh belt, and it comes with the argon protection which can make the whole heat treatment process Minimize oxidation