Graphite Mould

Graphite Mould For Bullions

CDOCAST provides Graphite Mould For Bullions in types of sizes and shapes as each client requirement, it is widely used for metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc. We also provide the graphite crucible that comes with a gold melting furnace with a customized design.

We use high-quality graphite, it has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, high machining accuracy, uniform temperature distribution, and easy demoulding.

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Mesh belt Welding furnace

Mesh belt Welding furnace

Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Furnace is an continuous  heat treatment oven which can be used for all metal heat treatment process, such as annealing, brazing, welding, it is continuous heating process which transfer the products using a mesh belt, and it comes with the argon protection which can make the whole heat treatment process Minimize oxidation