Gold Silver Coins Bars Minting Line

Gold Coin Minting Line

How to make silver Minting Coins& Bars-Cooldo Coins& Bars Minting Line for gold silver K-Gold Coins?

1:Small induction furnace to make silver billet
2:Extruder to make Silver Strip
3:Hydraulic punching to make silver blank
4:Polishing Machine to polish the silver blank
5:Annealing furnace to soften the silver blank
6:Hydraulic press to mint the patterns into the silver blank

1-15 KG Integrated Manual Tilting Melting Furnace

Small Integrated Manual Tilting Melting Furnace

Small Integrated Manual Tilting Melting Furnace is a small capacity manual tilting furnace for melting gold, silver, and copper from a capacity of 1 kg to 15 kg. Due to the small amount of smelting, the manual melting design makes the operation easier and more convenient.

The tilting pouring mechanism and the power supply part are also all-in-one designs, which can greatly reduce the size of the machine, It is a very good choice for some customers who do not have a large space for running the machine.

Ultra high-frequency melting furnace

Ultra high-frequency furnace is based on electromagnetic induction technology. It can melt metals from 1 g to 500 g, such as rhodium, palladium, platinum, gold, k gold, etc. The mechanical structure is ergonomically designed, so maintenance is very simple.

To achieve stable quality and consistent performance, we use the components of high quality grade, e.g., the IGBT-Insulated Gate Bipolar Translators are imported mainly from the leading suppliers in Germany.

Small Iron Steel Induction Melting Furnace

Steel induction melting furnace  is designed for gold, silver, copper, aluminum and steel melting. The melting capacity varies from 100kg-350kg, the tilting system is designed with the hydraulic tilting which is safe and stable. With integrated power cabinet design of plc touch screens we can provide the turnkey line solution for clients in any metal industry.

The whole furnace body is made of steel shell, with silicon steel sheet around the furnace body for magnetic insulation, which can effectively prevent the furnace body from heating up.Due to the structural design of the all-steel shell furnace body, the entire furnace is very strong and its service life is greatly extended.

Four Station Small Induction Melting Furnace

4 Station  Melting Furnace

The CDOCAST 4 station melting furnace is specially designed for melting precious metals. The machine adopts an intermediate frequency induction heating method for smelting, can heat precious metals quickly and melt them evenly. The machine is easy to operate due to its being equipped with a clear operating pannel and a hydraulic push-out system that can push the crucible out automatically when pressing the button. Know more please leave your massages.

Manual tilting platinum melting machine

Manual tilting platinum  machine 1kg-15kg 

This manual tilting platinum machine is a small capacity furnace for melting platinum, palladium as well as high temperature metals such as steel and stainless steel from capacity 1kg to 15 kg. Due to the small melting capacity, the manual pouring design makes operation easier and more convenient,also designed with a baffle to ensure the safety of the operation.

CDOCAST small platinum smelting machine adopts the most advanced electromagnetic induction heating technology, the temperature can rise to 2600 degrees within 3-5 minutes, and it can be applied to the melting of various metals.

induction chain motor tilting melting furnace

Chain Tilting Melting Furnace

This motor chain tilting melting furnace silver melting furnace is specially designed for melting 1kg-100kg of silver, but can also be applied for melting large quantities of gold and copper.

The silver melting furnaces are designed with an automatic tilting mechanism, with a motor-driven chain to rotate the furnace which can ensure the tilting operation is safe and stable, meanwhile, the tilting speed is adjustable and comes with a 180-degree rotation of the furnace.

The unique chain drive design allows the pouring point to be fixed at a single point, which is very helpful for spot pouring. Pouring accuracy is greatly improved, thus guaranteeing the quality of the workpiece.

Graphite crucible is adopted in this automatic tilting metal melting furnace, change the crucible is an easy job due to our design,it takes only 10 mins to finish the whole process of changing the crucible. which is an ideal choice for some new factories.

Precious metals gold melter

10kg 15kg 20kg induction heating precious metals gold melter

This gold melter is equipped with crucible tongs, graphite molds, and high-temperature gloves. When the melt is finished, the worker just needs to remove the crucible containing the molten metal with the crucible tongs, pour it into the customized graphite mold and then cool and fix it into shape. The machine is designed with a water pump inside, so the user only needs to prepare a bucket of water to keep the machine running if it is not required to work continuously for long periods of time.

Small Induction Heating Melting Machine

Automatic Push Out Small Induction Heating Melting Machine

CDOCAST Automatic Push Out Small Induction Heating Melting Machine is a highly efficient crucible melting furnace. It is a compact design with the latest technology, the crucible is placed inside the special design induction coil, the induction coil will be protected by a high-temperature asbestos board and refractory material to guarantee safety during the operation. This induction coil can be automatically lifted up and down hydraulically/mechanically.

Gold smelting machine

Double crucible graphite &quartz crucible gold smelting machine

CDOCAST manual tilting gold melting machine is a small capacity tilting gold, silver, and copper smelting furnace, capacity from 1kg to 15kg. Both graphite crucible and quartz crucible can be used on this gold smelting machine when smelting different metals, saving cost and space. These tilting gold melting machines can melt precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. so that usually graphite and quartz crucibles are adopted .we use pure graphite crucibles to melt gold, silver copper, and when melting platinum and palladium we use quartz crucibles.