Vacuum continuous casting equipment

Vacuum  continuous casting equipment for gold silver copper

CDOCAST vacuum continuous casting equipment is designed to draw small quantities of precious metals with different shapes, such as gold, silver, carat gold, copper alloy, etc. The caster is pull-down type, you only need one machine to get the required semi-finished products. The semi-finished products can be made into rectangular, cylindrical, round and rod shapes, and can provide wires, sheets or pipes.

Vacuum silver bar making machine

Vacuum silver bar making machine

The CDOCAST silver bar making machine can cast up to 15Kg of gold bars. We can also customize the machine to make gold ingots of different sizes according to customer needs. 15kg gold bars casting needs power supply of 75kw, the bigger the bar cast, the more power required.

Upward continuous casting furnace

Jewelry gold silver rod making upward continuous casting furnace

CDOCAST small upward continuous casting furnace is the ideal production equipment for gold, silver, copper wire, copper sheet, and copper pipe, with high conductivity, good tensile properties, and other outstanding properties. The small continuous casters adopt the Medium frequency induction heating, the strong metal stirring force can make the metal melting more fully and uniformly, due to the electromagnetic induction effect, the melting speed is rapid, the melting capacity is from 30kg-100Kg.

Hydraulic tilting metal melting furnace

Hydraulic tilting metal melting furnace

The Hydraulic tilting induction metal melting furnace is equipped with a hydraulic tilting mechanism, the tilting furnace body comes with a hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic station, IGBT induction heating technology is applied for the power supply, the small induction melter comes with a PLC touch screen design, which makes the whole operation more precise, accurate and safe.

Upward continuous casting machine for copper wire

Upward Continuous Casting Machine For Copper Wire

CDOCAST small upward continuous casting machine is the ideal production equipment for gold, silver, copper wire, copper sheet, and copper pipe, with high conductivity, good tensile properties, and other outstanding properties. Our small upward continuous casting machine adopts the most advanced technology design to provide you with the best quality semi-finished products in the shortest time.

Vacuum Metal Atomization Equipment

Water Atomizer Vacuum Metal Atomization Equipment

CDOCAST Vacuum Metal Atomization Equipment is specially designed for manufacturing gold, silver, and copper powders. It uses a vacuum system to ensure that the pulverizing process is completed under vacuum conditions and that oxidation is minimized.

This machine covers a small area and is easy to operate. The melting time is only 10 minutes. According to the size of the powder, the grinding time can be completed in 10-20 minutes. The whole process only needs one person to operate, which has the characteristics of low loss and high metal recovery.

Silver Bullion Casting Machine

Silver bullion casting machine 

Gold/Silver Bar Casting Machine can vacumm pumping or inert gas inflate to make the gold or silver ingot surface looks more bright and smoothy, and without any oxidized or other loss. this bar making machine can customized the gold and silver bar into 1kg, 500g, 100g, 200g

Gold Granulating Machine

Gold Granulating Machine

Granulating Machine is used to manufacture master grains and alloy grains, starting from raw material molten by induction heating, and then poured into a tank of water moving through a multi-hollowed crucible that serves as a flow breaker. Adopt solid-state technology which is the world’s newest and most innovative IGBT modules.

Small vacuum melting machine

small vacuum melting machine 

The vacuum melting machines is designed for small quantity metal melting gold, silver,platinum, copper, steel  etc with small melting capacity .

this vacuum  melting machine is come with vacuum pump ,which can make the whole meltng process under vacuum condition, and tilting design  with manual tilting which is very convenient for workers to tilt the molten metal liquid into the  mould.  if  you are interested , inquiry now!!

Gold Bar Vacuum Casting Machine

Gold bar vacuum casting machine

Vacuum Casting Machine is designed for casting silver and gold bars of 1-2kg quality. This casting machine has the flexibility to customize your silver and gold bars, ingots and bullion to any LMBA approved trade specifications you require.