Portable gold testing machine

Portable Gold Testing Machine

CDOCAST portable gold testing machine is mainly divided into 3 types:

The first model :Ckey 3000 mainly detects all kinds of metal alloy brands. There are 350 kinds of alloy brand database, which can detect solid, liquid and powder.American SI-PIN detector is adopted to ensure the fast and stable detection results.

The second model :CKey 6000 is mainly used to detect ore and ROHS harmful substances, it can detect all 83 elements from magnesium PU, the display screen can show PPM and %, can choose multiple languages and switch.

The third model :CKey9000 mainly adopts the rapid analysis of soil composition.This handheld spectrometer is mainly used to analyze the metal content in soil. It also adopts the Cash SI-PIN test. Due to technical difficulties and high price, it is suitable for customers with special needs.