Induction heating continuous casting machine

Induction heating continuous casting machine

The CDOCAST continuous casting machine is designed to draw small volumes of different shapes of precious metals such as gold, silver, karat gold, copper alloys, etc.

The continuous casting machine is pull-down type and you can get the required semi-finished products with only one machine. And the semi-finished products can be shaped in rectangular, cylindrical, circular, and rod shapes. and can be available in wires, sheets, or tubes.

CDOCAST continuous casting machines are fitted with an inert gas protection device to minimize oxidation of the metal and, in the case of karat gold drawing, an optional vacuum design allows the entire process to be carried out under vacuum condition.

CDOCAST continuous casting machine adopt the most advanced medium-frequency induction heating technology,which allows a super high temperatures to be reached in a very short time and therefore meets the requirements for continuous casting of most metals.

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