induction chain motor tilting melting furnace

Chain Tilting Melting Furnace

This motor chain tilting melting furnace silver melting furnace is specially designed for melting 1kg-100kg of silver, but can also be applied for melting large quantities of gold and copper.

The silver melting furnaces are designed with an automatic tilting mechanism, with a motor-driven chain to rotate the furnace which can ensure the tilting operation is safe and stable, meanwhile, the tilting speed is adjustable and comes with a 180-degree rotation of the furnace.

The unique chain drive design allows the pouring point to be fixed at a single point, which is very helpful for spot pouring. Pouring accuracy is greatly improved, thus guaranteeing the quality of the workpiece.

Graphite crucible is adopted in this automatic tilting metal melting furnace, change the crucible is an easy job due to our design,it takes only 10 mins to finish the whole process of changing the crucible. which is an ideal choice for some new factories.