150Kg Copper Granules Making Machine

150Kg Copper Granules Making Machine for sale150Kg Copper Granules Making Machine

150Kg Copper granules making Making Machine is specially designed for making large capacity metal granules such as 50kg, 100kg, and 150kg, etc. It’s suitable for gold, silver, and copper as well as high-temperature metals such as steel, iron, etc. It includes a platform, hydraulic tilting melting furnace, granules-making machine, and water chiller. The Hydraulic Tilting melting Furnace is used for melting metal from 50kg-300kg within 30 mins, The tundish must be continuously heated to ensure that the molten metal will not cool down and block the granulation hole in the Granulating Crucible. an independent heating system will be adopted to heat the tundish, The specially designed granulation lower cylinder is large enough to ensure that the metal particles will not stick under continuous operation for a long time.