350kg steel hydraulic melting furnace

350kg Steel Hydraulic Melting Furnace

Investment Returns

Safely use, with multiple protection functions

Control temperature easily

Excellent insulation quality

Client Information

Location: Algeria

Customer: Khaled

Main purpose: Melt iron


Steel is the mainstay of the national economy, the lifeblood of the country, and the material guarantee for the survival and development of the country. From cars to mobile phones, from computers to air conditioners, steel can provide raw materials for all tools and machinery. From the simple manual labor tools to the most complex aerospace technology, no industrial sector does not have a direct or indirect relationship with the steel industry.


  1. Melt iron
  2. Output: 350kg iron per batch
  3. The furnace shall be best with temperature control and protection settings.

Their Questions & Concerns

  1. How does the iron liquid pour out?
  2. How long is your after-sales service?
  3. Can I adjust the temperature?

The CDOCAST Solution

The steel hydraulic melting furnace will be tilted by the hydraulic station.

2 years.

Yes, it will be equipped with temperature control system.