Small Capacity Ferrous/Non-ferrous Manual tilting furnace

Small Capacity FerrousNon-ferrous Manual tilting furnace

Small Capacity Ferrous/Non-ferrous Manual tilting furnace

Investment Returns

IGBT technology, fast melting speed

Manual tilting is easy to pour the metal liquid into the mould

Energy saving , Small space occupied

Client Information

Location: Russia

Customer: Aleksey

Main purpose: Melt copper


Copper is widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, national defense industry and other fields. Russia is one of the most important copper producers and exporters in the world, especially in its exports to Europe and Turkey. At the same time, Russia is also the world’s largest producer of semi-finished copper. Additionally, Copper is a green metal, mainly because of its low melting point, easy to re melt, re-smelting, so recycling is quite cheap. That’s, the low cost, high returns.


  • Melt Copper
  • Output: 100kg copper per batch
  • The machine should meet the requirement of little space occupation, good safety and convenient use.

Their Questions & Concerns

  • What’s the size of the machine?
  • How does the metal solution flow into the mold?
  • How long is your after-sales service?

The CDOCAST Solution

70kw power supply with 100kg copper melting furnace

We will show you the full operation process.

2-year warranty