1kg Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine with Mirror Effect

gold bar

1kg Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine with Mirror Effect 

Investment Returns

Short working time, about 12mins for one batch

Observation window is good for checking melting process

Vacuum atmosphere helps the gold bar have mirror effect

Client Information

Location: Nepal

Customer: Binod

Main products: Gold ingot


As we all know, gold is widely used in financial reserves because of its monetary commodity attribute. In the period of rising inflation, due to the permanence and stability of the value of gold, as a physical asset, it becomes an ideal substitute for monetary assets and plays a role in maintaining value. Nowadays, more importantly, gold is widely used in modern high-tech industries due to its high corrosion resistance, good conductivity and thermal conductivity.


  • Melt gold and cast ingots
  • Output: 1kg gold per batch
  • 1kg pure gold ingot

Their Questions & Concerns

  • What’s the needed purity for raw gold?
  • Is the power adjustable?
  • What’s the training?

The CDOCAST Solution

4kg Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine

The purity decides the effect of gold ingot. The higher the purity, the better the effect. It’s best above 999.

We have precise operation panel. There is power adjustment on that.

We will send you the video. If you need, our engineer can go to your side for installation.