Vacuum Gold Bullion Casting Machine

How To Make Quality Gold/Silver Bar -Vacuum Gold Bullion Casting Machine


In ancient times, people around the world regarded gold as the best currency for traveling, and as of 2024, gold remains the world’s currency. As long as you have real gold in your hands, banks, jewelry merchants, and gold merchants around the world can exchange gold for local currency.

Gold can circulate freely around the world, and its currency status is even more stable than the US dollar. In addition, gold is also a globally recognized asset, and people in all countries have a consensus on the value of gold. In the current world of ultra long cycle inflation, investing in gold ingots has become the best choice for many investors. It is safer and also the best way to resist risks.

gold barWhat Is Vacuum Casting?

The traditional melting & casting method involves placing the raw gold into the crucible of the melting furnace. Melt the gold material into liquid at a high temperature in the atmospheric environment, then pour the melted gold into the mold, wait for the molten liquid to cool and form, and then take out the gold bar.

The gold bars cast by this method undergo oxidation due to the reaction between the molten metal and air during melting and pouring, resulting in a rough surface and no smooth and bright effect.


Unlike traditional melting & casting, vacuum casting involves placing the weighed pure gold material into a custom-sized mold, covering it with a mold lid, and placing it into the melting chamber of the vacuum casting machine for melting and casting. The vacuum casting machine is equipped with a vacuum pump and built-in cooling.

The entire melting and casting process will be carried out under vacuum conditions, and argon protective gas will be introduced to make the surface of the finished gold ingot bright like a mirror, without any ripples or pores. This casting method does not lose or oxidize precious metals and is the most popular casting method in refineries.

For the convenience of weighing, a metal granulator can be used to make uniformly sized particles of refined gold raw materials, then weigh according to the weight of the gold bars needed for production, and place them in the corresponding molds.

silver bar casting


The Advantages Of Vacuum Gold Bullion Casting Machine


1. High-quality gold bars with a bright & smooth surface and no ripple & pores can be obtained by melting and casting under vacuum and with the introduction of protective gas.

2. During the entire production process, there will be no loss or oxidation of the gold material.

3. The mold of the vacuum gold bullion casting machine can be customized according to the user’s size requirements, and multiple gold bars can be cast at once, greatly improving production efficiency.

4. Compared with the traditional gold casting method, vacuum casting machines can operate smoke-free without polluting the environment. This machine is equipped with the latest green technology in the gold bar industry, which can ensure that all pollutants are captured when in contact with the atmosphere, thereby preventing environmental pollution.

5. The vacuum gold bullion casting machine adopts a PLC touch screen control system, which does not require frequent manual operation by the operator. Just put the weighed gold material into the machine, start it with one click, and the machine will automatically start working. After completing the casting cycle, you can obtain high-quality gold bars.

6. Low power consumption, able to achieve 24-hour continuous operation, meeting customer demand for high output.

Why Choose CDOCAST Vacuum Gold Bullion Casting Machine


CDOCAST Vacuum gold bullion casting machine is specifically designed for casting high-quality gold/silver ingots. The machine casing is made of stainless steel material, and the integrated production process ensures smooth body lines and no welding marks, making the machine more beautiful. The bottom of the machine is equipped with universal wheels for easy movement and fixation.

CDOCAST has vacuum casting machines of different specifications, such as 1kg 2kg 4kg 8kg, and even 30kg (gold).

1-2kg vacuum bar casting machine


4-8kg vacuum bar casting machine


30kg vacuum bar casting machine



We can also customize molds and machines according to the customer’s bar size requirements, and provide mold drawings for confirmation. We use high-quality high-purity grade-6 graphite and have undergone manual polishing treatment, which is not easy to shed (graphite) powder and has a long service life.

graphite moldCDOCAST Vacuum gold bullion casting machine adopts German imported IGBT power module frequency conversion power regulation, soft switch three resonance dual regulation, and frequency automatic tracking technology, which is a highly reliable guarantee. The machine can achieve 100% full load, 24-hour continuous operation, and has multiple protections such as water shortage, overheating, and overload. The lid of the casting chamber is designed to be automatic opening/closing.

After connecting to the air compressor, the lid can be automatically opened/closed according to the program, which is very convenient and labor-saving. There is a glass observation window on the furnace cover, which can clearly observe the situation inside the melting chamber during machine operation at any time.

The machine is equipped with three color alarm lights, which can reflect the current working situation of the machine at any time. When the machine completes the casting cycle, it will automatically issue an alarm prompt to remind the operator.

vacuum bar casting machineThe operation panel consists of Siemens PLC touch screen, gas flow meter, start button, emergency stop button, etc. The control mode of the machine is divided into manual/automatic. In manual mode, the operator needs to follow the operation steps and click the corresponding buttons step by step to operate. In automatic mode, the operator only needs to set the production parameters in advance to start the machine with one click for automatic operation.

The touch screen allows you to view the current working condition of the machine at any time, such as pressure value, current value, heating time, cooling time, and so on.

Siemens PLC

The casting time of each batch depends on the size and yield of the gold bars. The melting time takes approximately 6-15 minutes, and the cooling time takes 10-15 minutes. For example, if you need to cast 1 kg gold bar at once, the melting time is about 6 minutes and the cooling time is 6-7 minutes, which means you can complete the full cycle casting of 1 kilogram of gold in 12-13 minutes.

Operation Steps Of Vacuum Gold Bullion Casting Machine

1. Weigh the raw materials.

Weigh2. Check if the water and electricity connections of the machine are normal, and then turn on the main switch on the right side of the body.

main switch3. Twist the Manual/Auto switch to automatic mode and enter the parameter setting interface of the PLC touch screen to set the parameters in advance.

parameter setting4. Use a clamp to center the graphite mold on the cooling plate in the casting chamber, and twist the Manual/Auto switch to manual mode. Then press the start heating button (preheat the graphite mold for 1-2 minutes to stop).

mold placement5. After stopping the heating, put the weighed metal material into the mold and close the lid. Then twist the Manual/Auto switch to automatic mode.

add material6. After switching to automatic mode, press the “Start” switch and the machine system will enter automatic mode until the work is completed. During automatic mode operation, the machine’s parameter changes can be observed on the touch screen.

Siemens PLC7. After the automatic mode is completed, the machine will automatically open the lid of the casting chamber, and then use the mold clamp to take out the graphite mold.

mold clamp8. If there is an emergency situation with the machinery, it can be moved to the stop position and the working system can be stopped.

9. After cleaning, the gold bars can be placed in the hydraulic press for pattern and serial number marking, and finally stored in the warehouse.

hydraulic press