Oxygen-Free Upward Continuous Casting Machine

Oxygen-Free Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Machine

upward casting applicationWhat Is The Oxygen-Free Upward Continuous Casting Machine?


CDOCAST Oxygen-free upward continuous casting machine is a specialized equipment used for casting copper (alloy), gold, silver wires / rods / sheets / tubes etc. The principle is to use the mechanism of cooling and crystallization of metal liquid to slowly and continuously pull solid metal wires, plates, etc. with a certain shape from the molten metal or alloy molten liquid.

The main feature of this method is that continuous wires or plates can be directly produced from molten metal or alloy melt without the need for casting, extrusion, rolling and other processing processes, shortening the processing cycle and reducing pollution and loss during the processing. We also provide rolling mills and wire drawing machines that can draw the wire to a diameter of 0.1-0.2mm with the lowest investment.


How To Cast Oxygen-Free Copper Rods With Upward Continuous Casting Machine?

The process of upward continuous casting machine mainly includes the preparation of metal material, melting, casting and forming (crystallization), traction, and back-end rolling processing. The process control of copper rods is the key to achieving oxygen-free copper casting & production, and it is necessary to control the characteristics, thermal conductivity, and magnetic susceptibility of the raw materials. At the same time, attention should also be paid to controlling the melting temperature, cooling water temperature, casting speed, and other aspects to ensure the excellent quality of the finished oxygen-free copper.

Compared to ordinary copper rods, oxygen-free copper rods have excellent characteristics such as high purity, low oxygen content, high conductivity, and good processing performance. They also have a smooth appearance, a round surface, and no defects such as burrs, cracks, and peeling. They are the most ideal raw materials for wires, cables, and electrical engineering industries.

CDOCAST has small upward casting machine and large upward continuous casting line to meet different production demands.


① Small Upward Casting Machine

upward casting machine

CDOCAST small upward continuous casting machine is mainly used to melt metals such as gold, silver, and copper, and continuously cast them to form wires/rods/sheets.

CDOCAST small upward casting machine is mainly composed of induction melting furnace, upward casting device, and induction power supply, with multiple protection functions such as water shortage, overheating, and overload alarm. The induction power supply adopts IGBT power modules imported from Germany, with variable frequency power regulation, soft switching, three resonance, and dual regulation. Control and frequency automatic tracking technology are guarantees of high quality and reliability. Medium frequency power supply can quickly melt metals through electromagnetic stirring, obtaining high-temperature and highly uniform metal liquids. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, fast heating speed, and low interference.

Unlike other large-scale casting machines in the market, which must work continuously for 24 hours and non-stopped, our small continuous casting machine has strong flexibility. It can work continuously for 24 hours at 100% full load or stop at any time.

operation panel

The melting capacity of CDOCAST small upward continuous casting machine is between 50kg-100Kg (single-strand and double strands), and the melting time is usually about 30 mins. Also, adopt servo motor to ensure high stability and precision control of speed. The casting speed is adjustable, about 1000mm per minute. The most typical advantage of this small upward continuous casting machine is that it does not take up space, is easy to operate, and can be stopped at any time.

Our continuous casting machine can cast max of four-strands one time, which means each hour’s production capacity can reach up to 200kg per batch. It will be the best choice for some customers with small and medium production output.

upward continuous casting furnace

Large-scale Upward Continuous Casting Machine

Large-scale Upward Continuous Casting Machine

CDOCAST large-scale upward continuous casting machine is mainly used for producing bright and oxygen-free copper rods, sheets, etc. It is suitable for users with an annual output of up to 2000 tons or more. The minimum melting capacity of a single furnace is 300kg/hour, and it must be continuously produced for 24 hours without stopping. The number of casting rods can be matched according to the output, and the casting speed can reach 1000-2500mm/min.

Large-scale Upward Continuous Casting MachineCDOCAST large-scale upward casting machine is mainly composed of power frequency induction melting furnace, holding furnace, upward continuous casting machine, crystallizer, distribution frame, take-up machine, etc. The upward casting adopts a single servo system control to continuously adjust the beat and pitch of the upward, meeting the needs of different specifications of products. At the same time, PLC touch screen adjustment is used, which can display the corresponding casting speed, pitch, and other main technical parameters. The depth of the crystallizer liquid surface is automatically tracked by electrical system, with a control accuracy of ≤ ± 5mm, and equipped with auto & manual switch control.

The principle is to first melt copper materials into liquid through the power frequency induction furnace, isolate it from the air through charcoal covering the surface of the molten liquid (to avoid copper oxidation), and then control the temperature of the copper liquid at 1150℃+10℃ through the holding furnace. The copper liquid in the continuous casting machine crystallizes rapidly in the crystallizer, continuously producing copper rods (copper flat strips), and finally being coiled into products through auxiliary equipment such as take-up machine.

Large-scale Upward Continuous Casting MachineCompared with traditional copper ingot rolling production, the oxygen-free upward continuous casting process has the characteristics of advanced process technology, good product quality, low unit energy consumption, flexible and diverse production varieties and specifications, strong adaptability, no three waste pollution, and low investment. It is an ideal process for copper conductors and copper materials processing.