Purity 999-Silver refinery machine

Silver Refinery Machine
Silver Refinery Machine
Silver Refinery Machine
Silver Refinery Machine
Silver Refinery Machine
Silver Refinery Machine

how to make the silver refinery to purity 999- silver refinery machine

Silver has a history of more than 4,000 years as a means of currency and value storage. Especially in the era of excessive currency liquidity and severe inflation, silver will be favored by investors because of its anti-inflation characteristics. When individual investors face threats to their wealth and purchasing power from rising consumer price index, silver is a better safe haven for investors.

Silver is as valuable as gold as precious jewelry. Silver, with its attractive white luster, high chemical stability and ornamental value, is favored by people. Therefore, it has the reputation of “woman’s metal” and is widely used as jewelry, ornaments, silverware, tableware, and congratulations gifts, medals and commemorative coins. After white processing, the silver jewelry will be also very beautiful and generous. Addtionally, silver has a certain disinfection and sterilization effect, which can absorb toxins from the human body and play a role in health care and beauty.

History of silver

The historical value of silver has experienced four major historical periods: Ancient high price period; Modern turbulent period; Modern hype period; and Contemporary period of steady growth.

1.Ancient high price period

Natural silver is mostly alloyed with gold, tribute, antimony, copper or platinum, and natural gold is almost always alloyed with a small amount of silver. At first, because people obtained a small amount of silver, its value was more expensive than gold. In the Egyptian dynasty’s code from about 1780-1580 BC, the value of silver was twice that of gold. Marx said in “A Critique of Political Economy”: “…The mining of silver is based on mining labor and generally higher technological development. Therefore, although silver is not so absolutely scarce, its initial value is relatively low. Greater than the value of gold.”

2.Modern turbulent period

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the price of silver in China and Japan was significantly higher than that in the world market. Before the mid-nineteenth century, China had a huge surplus in trade with the West, and China adopted silver for settlement. A large amount of silver flows into China. Even when China no longer has a huge surplus, trade with China has led to instability in the value of world silver.

3.Modern hype period

In the 1970s, when the production of gold and silver increased greatly and the international market was highly liquid, American futures traders almost monopolized the world silver market and caused silver prices to soar. In December 1973, futures speculators purchased a large number of silver, which made them one of the largest silver holders in the world. There was a serious shortage of silver on the market soon-in the past few decades, many silver mines have been closed because they are unprofitable, and people’s enthusiasm for new silver mines is not high. Silver’s “supply elasticity” is small. When prices rise sharply, silver producers cannot immediately expand production, resulting in further price increases.

4.The contemporary period of steady growth

Since 1990, the world’s total silver inventories have fallen by 74%, and silver inventories have reached a record low. Although the overall consumption of silver is still low, in the past 10 years, the consumption of silver has generally increased. In general, the total output of global mineral silver may increase at some point in the future, but this will have to wait for some large new minerals to reach full production or new silver mines are put into use. Since the global mineral silver production will not increase for the time being, and the demand for silver in various industries in the world is still growing steadily, this provides fundamental support for the continued optimism of the future silver market. As the economy develops, the demand for silver manufacturing is slowly increasing, and the amount of silver used in electrical engineering, electronics, soldering alloys and solders, jewelry and silver products, silver coins and medals will increase.

Purification of silver

There are many models of silver electrolysis unit for silver refinery, and the choice of model needs to be considered: the practicability of raw materials, the situation of the production site, the operating habits of employees, the output, the law of incoming materials, etc.

Taking our company’s 200kg/d discharge high current density silver electrolysis unit as an example, introduce our company’s high current density silver refinery electrolysis unit.

how to refinery the silver to purity 999-silver refinery machine

Electrolytic cell: main part of the whole set of silver refinery electrolysis equipment, including the electrolytic cell body, cathode plate, and conductive copper bar.

Automatic stirring device: can hang down the silver powder precipitated on the cathode plate, and can also stir the electrolyte to a certain extent, including stainless steel frame, crankshaft connecting rod, motor, scraper and scraper support.

Side exhaust system: discharge the NOX waste gas generated during the silver refinery electrolysis process out of the workshop, and recover the acid mist and some precious metals entrained in the waste gas, including the closed plate on the electrolytic cell, the exhaust pipe and the acid mist condensation device.

Power distribution cabinet: provide power distribution for the silver electrolyzer.

Refrigerator: Provide cooling water for electrolyte cooling system and acid mist condensation device.

Solid-liquid separation device: after the silver refinery electrolysis is completed, when discharging at the bottom, this device allows the electrolyte to enter the circulation tank and the silver powder into the silver powder truck.

Silver powder car: after the silver refinery electrolysis is completed, put the silver powder into the silver powder car for cleaning.

Circulation tank: it is used to circulate the electrolyte during silver refinery electrolysis, and there is an electrolyte cooling system in the circulation tank.

Advantage of our electrolysis silver refinery equipment

(1) Safe and stable production process

The cathode and anode plates and the conductive copper bars are reinforced with stainless steel screws, and the copper bars are reinforced and connected. The copper bars and tanks are made of bakelite to prevent leakage and contact the titanium plate connected to the cathode. The conductive parts are made of titanium-clad copper, and the reinforcement is connected to the copper. On the upper row, the conductivity efficiency is greatly enhanced, the resistance is greatly reduced, and the problem of heating at the contact point is solved; the U-shaped separator is added to the inside of the tank, which solves the problem of short circuit at both ends of the cathode plate, reduces production safety hazards, and reduces anode mud production rate and reduce production costs.


(2) Reduce pollution and improve the working environment of the workshop

When the high current density silver refinery electrolysis process is used for electrolysis, the temperature of the electrolyte is relatively high, which causes the volatilization of the electrolyte to produce nitrogen oxides and nitric acid mist, resulting in poor working conditions in the workshop. Therefore, we designed a refrigeration system to cool the electrolyte and keep the temperature of the electrolyte at about 40℃. At this temperature, both the efficiency of the electrolysis and the volatilization of the electrolyte are reduced. Meanwhile, we also change the air from the top of the tank to the side of the tank, and add an acid mist condensing device at the air outlet. The upper part of the tank is sealed with a plastic plate, so that only a small amount of air is required to extract the nitrogen oxide waste gas generated in the silver refinery electrolysis process. It saves energy and greatly improves the working environment.


(3) High-efficiency and high-purity silver powder produced by silver refinery electrolysis

When high-current silver electrolysis process is used for electrolysis, the current density is 650-750A/m², which is 2-3 times that of conventional silver electrolysis process. The electrolysis of the same quality silver anode plate will reduce the time by 60% and the electrolysis is efficient; in order to avoid Concentration polarization phenomenon in high current density electrolysis, we designed to use a magnetic pump, while changing the electrolyte circulation mode, so that the electrolyte flow direction is parallel to the pole plate, the design of the magnetic pump + parallel flow electrolyte circulation mode, solved The problem of concentration polarization ensures the quality of electrolytic silver powder.


(4) Save labors and easy operation

The electrolysis silver refinery equipment adopts he automatic silver powder scraping device. The bakelite scraper is connected with the scraper holder. The scraper is placed on the left and right sides of the cathode plate. The scraper holder is connected with the stainless steel frame. The crankshaft connecting rod is connected and the motor is driven to realize the automatic scraping of the cathode plate. Silver powder: A solid-liquid separation device is added at the lower end of the electrolytic tank. The bypass discharges the solution first, and the first washing silver powder washing water is also discharged from the bypass. The electrolytic silver powder is put into the silver powder washing cart through the valve under the electrolytic tank and sent directly to the washing machine, which is easy to operate.

Images of silver refinery machine:

how to refinery the silver
silver refinery machine

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