How is the induction heating applied in precious metal melting&Casting

Induction heating is the most ideal technology for precious metal casting and melting. The small induction melting furnace and casting machine produced by CDOCAST can meet the main requirements of most customers in the jewelry industry.

precious metal casting machine:

CDOCAST’s centrifugal and vacuum pressure casting equipment can cast all precious metals gold, platinum, palladium, silver, as well as non-precious metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and other metal alloys.

Vacuum Centrifugal casting machine is mainly used for casting platinum, palladium, and stainless steel, which are high melting point metals, while the vacuum pressured casting machine is applied to relatively low melting point metals such as gold, silver& copper.

These two casting machines are mainly used in the precious metal jewelry industry.

Compared with many traditional methods (such as refractory melting and flame casting), induction casting has many advantages. Because induction heating enables the machine to maintain consistent heat, the product can be diversified.

precious  metal melting  furnace:

If you are the owner of a boutique jewelry store, induction heating equipment will help you save space and time. Our desktop 1-2kg induction furnace can melt 1kg of gold in a fully automatic operation, which only takes 3 minutes for the whole process. Moreover, the machine adopts a single-phase electrical design, only 5KW. The rational design makes these machines greatly reduce the electricity required in the process, so are widely used.


An induction melting furnace is widely used in precious metal refining. With a wide range of automatic and manual tilting and melting furnaces, CDOCAST can melt all precious and non-precious metals on a large scale.

For 1-10kg small batch metal melting, we recommend the following two CDOCAST products:


  1. 1-10kg Integrated small gold melting equipment, which need to use graphite tongs to clamp out the crucible after melting. this is the most popular design with economical price, the melting capacity can range from 1kg-15kg
  2. Manual tilting small gold melting equipment, which the molten metal liquid can be directly poured into the mold by the tilting system after melting, which is simple and convenient to use. due to the safety of the operation, some client will prefer the tilting system, which no require the workers to pick up the crucible manually 

How to use induction heating in the precious metals and jewelry industry?


  1. Centrifugal casting machine or vacuum pressurized jewelry casting machine:

Mainly used in jewelry, such as rings, decorations, and so on. If you want to make your favorite jewelry, casting equipment is essential. You need to choose different casting machines according to different materials. Vacuum centrifuges are applied to cast platinum, palladium, and stainless steel while the vacuum pressure casting equipment is used Casting gold, copper, silver, k gold.

Of course, if you want to make jewelry, you also need a set of supporting equipment, such as a vacuum mixer, a wax injection machine, and a burnout oven. You can consult our engineers and we will work out a complete plan for you.

  1. Induction remelting and alloying of all precious metals

Melting all types of precious metal with our furnace, and then pour the metal into the mold that was customized before melting. Finally, cool them into different kinds of ingots and bars.


  1. Precious metal grains

Gold silver grains making machine is very useful for making gold and silver grains. with cdocast gold silver grains making machine can make required sizes in 20mins, to make the gold-silver Granulation can help customers weigh better, easily cast the required weight ingot or bars.


While Making powder is widely used in the gold refinery industry. The gold made into powder can greatly reduce the time of the refining process. if you are in the gold refinery  industry, you can have deep research into this machine

For granulating machine, pls click here

For powder making machine,pls click here, 

  1. Gold or silver stripe

If you want to make gold strips or silver strips, we recommend a continuous casting machine, which can make different specifications of mold to pull into bars of different sizes and shapes. Of course, it can also be used to pull rods or pipes.

  1. Production of gold or silver ingots

The CDOCAST vacuum gold bar casting machine is specially designed for casting high-quality gold and silver bars and ingots. This gold bar Making machine can melt up to 4 x 1 kg of gold and silver ingots per batch.  Or max  1pcs 15kg bullion on batch. And other customized sizes of bullion can also be cast in our furnace.

The entire melting process is carried out under vacuum and with argon as a protective gas. As a result, the melted ingots have a shiny surface with no water ripples. The entire vacuum melting & casting process minimizes the loss of precious metals and maximizes the prevention of metal oxidation.


Please contact us for a quotation for our jewelry casting machine. Our team will assist you in the induction casting process