hydraulic tilting metal melting machine

Are You Satisfied With Your Current Metal melting machine

Are You Satisfied With Your Current Metal melting machine?

-If you plan to buy a new Metal melting machine , what problems do you wish to avoid?

1: Unhappy with machine quality?

2:Machine is not stable?

3:Annoyed with energy cost?

4: Worried about warranty?

CDOCAST launched new types of CE Certificated hydraulic tilting metal melting machine to solve all your worries.

CDOCAST’s hydraulic tilting metal furnaces are the preferred option:

  • Highly Automation
  • Ease of Operation
  • Energy saving (15% energy saving than other machine)
  • SEMINES PLC touch screen optional
  • Great Flexibility ( One-size-fits-More)
  • High performance
  • Attention to details
  • Low Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Advantage of CDOACST hydraulic tilting metal furnaces:

1:The stability of the machine has been greatly improved

CDOCAST made a technical improvement on the power supply board. The original electrical part consists of many different small boards, such as the mainboard, the driver board overvoltage protection board, etc. This will cause a very troublesome maintenance problem. When a failure occurs, a professional electrician is required to cooperate with our after-sales department to find out the specific problematic board, which brings a lot of trouble and cost to the equipment maintenance. The new power supply gathers most of the circuit boards, which means If there is a problem with the machine, the maintenance work of the electrical engineer will be very simple, and the problem will be found quickly. This is a huge revolution and progress of the intermediate frequency induction melting power supply board.

2:Improve worker safety


In every industrial production, safe operation is essential.

All of CDOCAST’s metel smelting furnaces have obtained CE certification from an EU authorized institution.

The safety design of each key component in compliance with the CE standard saves workers from potential operational troubles during the metal melting and casting process.

The hydraulic tilting system makes the entire dumping process more stable and safer, and the hydraulic system can withstand super heavy metal solutions

Your employees will thank you for protecting them in a worry-free environment.

Are You Satisfied With Your Current Metal melting machine

3:Reduce operating costs


Do you know that your profits have been eroded by invisible profit killers?

-High labor cost, long smelting time, and time-consuming and laborious equipment maintenance.

CDOCST hydraulic tilting metal furnaces allows you to use minimal manpower, and the entire furnace design is basically automated, so as to better compete on a global scale.

In addition to saving labor costs, the simplified operation can also minimize power consumption, material waste and electricity bills.

Remember: every penny you save is another penny that can be used to beat your competitors.

What is difference of CDOCAST hydraulic tilting metal furnaces:

1:The new CDOCAST hydraulic tilting metal furnaces is based on induction heating technology, equipped with a tilting mechanism with a hydraulic cylinder and  hydraulic station. The tilting mechanism control system  is design into 2 types . The first type of control is controlled by the button on the electric control cabinet, and the second type of control It is controlled by remote control, which allows the operator to operate while keeping a certain distance, and protects the safety of workers to the greatest extent.


CDOCAST uses the highest quality silicon carbide graphite crucibles in order to save customers’ production and operation costs. The service life of each crucible can reach 10 tons for one graphite crucible. What is more , it is very convenient to replace the crucible. You only need to take out the broken crucible put a new crucible, the whole process only takes 10 minutes.

Are You Satisfied With Your Current Metal melting machine
Are You Satisfied With Your Current Metal melting machine

In terms of power supply, Siemens touch screen control can be installed .All functions can be controlled by PLC. The independently developed and designed temperature control system can accurately control the temperature in different temperature ranges, and all overvoltage and overcurrent protections are Can be realized on the touch screen.


1:For what kind of customer is the CDOCAST hydraulic tilting metal furnaces customized?

Due to the high production cost and complicated style, this hydraulic tilting metal furnaces does not occupy any advantage in price. It is a very good choice for some customers with high-quality needs. For example, you originally wanted to purchase an Italian furnace. , But  have to give up due to the high price, then CDOCAST’s small hydraulic tilting metal melting furnace is definitely your best choice, we ensure the same workmanship, half the price.


This hydraulic tilting metal furnaces is mainly used for metal smelting capacity range from 80kg-350kg. It can be used for the smelting of gold, silver, copper, iron,aluminum& almost all metals. It is relatively safer than economical manual tilting Metal melting furnaces , Melting capacity  over 100Kg with high temperature molten metal (1600 degree) which is unsafe for workers to pour out, first, workers need to stand near the furnace second, the weight for the full furnace body(full loading) will over 200kg is too heavy for workers to operate.

Therefore, if the budget is sufficient, we recommend purchasing a hydraulic tilting metal furnaces.


2:How About the warranty of CDOCAST metal melter:

The after-sales maintenance of equipment is the most concerned issue for all customers who purchase equipment. CDOCAST promises to provide two-year free warranty  for all customers who purchase our equipment. If any related quality problems occurs during the two-year warranty period, CDOCAST will provide customers with all the accessories and bear all the freight. This is CDOCAST’s greatest support and responsibility to customers.

But what customers need to know is that consumables are not covered by the warranty. We usually advise customers to equip more consumables when purchasing equipment, such as graphite crucibles, graphite molds, etc., so as to minimize unnecessary subsequent purchases Freight expenses.


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