How to make silver/Gold Wire

How to make silver wire?

how to make gold wire

Gold wire, silver wire in the jewelry industry and its electronic industry is very common and important product, due to its large number of specifications, many factories choose to pull different specifications of gold wire, silver wire


Let’s talk about the drawing process of  gold and silver wire in detail.

  • Step 1Hydraulic Silver Ingot Cutting Machine


This Hydraulic Silver Ingot Cutting Machine adopt the technology  by hydraulic cutting. There is guide groove in the cutting device including  the upper cutter and lower cutter. There is a square hole under the cutter, which is used to drop the fragments after cutting into the collection box.

When the pure silver to be cut is pushed under the cutter of the cutter, press the cut-off button of the cutter, the upper cutter will be pressed down by the hydraulic cylinder, and the silver ingot under the cutter will be broken. The size and length of the cutting can be adjusted according to different demand.

Feature of hydraulic cutter :

1. No fine dust particles are produced during cutting, which is easy to collect.
2. Hydraulic pressure breaking mode is adopted, with reliable performance and safe use.
3. The machine has compact structure and convenient maintenance.

how to make gold wire
how to make gold wire
  • Step 2: Continuous Casting Machine

Continuous casting machine can be divided into two types: upward and downward . For the output of less than 200kg per day, we suggest using downward continuous casting machine If the output is between 200kg-1000kg,  upward  continuous casting machine is more recommended.

Upward Continuous Casting Machine

Intermediate frequency Continuous casting machine is special designed for special alloy material production, such as pure silver and other precious metals, it includes melting, crystallization and traction equipment.

The melting part of the equipment is medium frequency induction melting furnace, which mainly adopts thyristor medium frequency power supply. It is a frequency conversion device which transforms three-phase power frequency current into single-phase medium frequency current.

It is mainly used for smelting various metal materials and alloys. This machine is composed of three-phase bridge full control rectifier circuit and parallel inverter circuit.In the control part, the integrated circuit is used to realize the microcomputer control.

This induction casting machine comes with  the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable performance, simple and convenient debugging and maintenance, high output power, high efficiency, low power consumption, reliable operation and low failure rate. In addition, a variety of fast protection functions are designed for overload of current and voltage, which makes the product run reliably. It is also Suitable for long-term or intermittent work.
After the melted raw materials meet the process requirements of traction temperature, the melting furnace with lifting mechanism is lifted upward, and the crystallizer is immersed in metal liquid. The crystallizer is made of graphite. There is a water jacket in the crystallizer, which is used for the quasi cooling of liquid metal. The metal liquid in the graphite crystallizer is cooled and solidified by cooling water and then pulled out. Finally, the wire rod is wound on the take-up reel 。

how to make gold wire
how to make gold wire


1: Can work continuously for 24 hours, and can be stopped at any time when the furnace is finished.

2: Small size, small footprint, easy installation.

3: Maximum silver yield of 60 kg per hour.

4: Can pull various sizes of busbars to meet different needs of customers.

5: Charcoal cover during smelting and hauling to prevent oxidation.

Downward Continuous Casting Machine:

The continuous casting machine is a process in which the metal is melted and poured into the crystallizer, cooled, and the solidified metal profile is pulled downwards and outwards with the pulling bar.

The continuous casting machine uses vacuum gas protection melting technology in combination with the downward casting method during the production process. Vacuum melting prevents metal oxidation, makes the casting surface brighter, and produces castings that are basically free of pores. The downward casting method follows the gravity of the metal and pulls it downward to maximize the density and precision of the casting profile, so that the internal manhole of the finished product is controlled to the lowest limit, avoiding the creation of shrinkage or cavity. This casting method not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also makes the production of metal jewelry with high density, bright surface, no pores, making the jewelry more high-end atmosphere.



1:The continuous casting machine using the downward casting method is suitable for gold, silver, 925 silver, copper, brass, gold-silver alloy, gold-copper alloy and other metal materials with good liquidity processing, can play a role in cost savings, improve the quality of the castings, and obtain higher cost efficiency.

2.Vacuum or inert gas protection can be used to effectively improve product quality.

3.Induction heating technology, melting speed block, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

4.Small footprint, easy installation, no on-site training.

how to make gold wire
how to make gold wire
  • Step 3:Horizontal wire taking up machine

It is a metal wire winding equipment, which is mainly used for winding the wire after being drawn by a wire drawing machine onto a reel, and used in combination with a wire drawing machine.

This horizontal wire taking up machine mainly consists of a frame, active device, friction plate device and other parts. When the speed of the wire is lower than the speed of the winder, the friction plate device will glow, making the speed of the winding spindle slower and not causing the wire to be stretched or broken.

how to make gold wire
  • Step 4:Roller mill

The rolling mill  is mainly composed of machine body, wire straightening mechanism, rolling mechanism, take-up mechanism, cooling and lubrication system, transmission system and electric control part.

The machine body is welded with steel plate and section steel, and the small gear box is made of casting box. The transmission part is driven by helical gear and spiral bevel gear, and the roll is made of special alloy steel, which has the advantages of super wear resistance and impact resistance. The rolling part is cooled and lubricated by spraying. The power is controlled by variable frequency stepless speed regulation. ‘
There are several roller boxes arranged in parallel on the machine body. Each roll box has two pairs of longitudinal and transverse rolls. The two pairs of rolls are distributed horizontally and vertically respectively. The line diameter after rolling is gradually reduced in proportion. The compression ratio is designed according to the material elongation characteristics, and the compression of each pass is equivalent. When the wire rod passes through the roll, the material is pressed by the rotating roller, After the wire rod is extruded from the wire rod to the wire rod by the drawing roller.

When the wire passes through the rolls, the material is compressed by the rotating rolls, and the wire is extruded from the rolls after the compression is reduced, and finally the wire is conveyed to the receiving tray by a traction device to realize the wire rolling.



1. Strong adaptability: it can roll hard materials, which can not be achieved by ordinary rolling mills.

2. Low energy consumption: there is no need to use eye mold, because there is no need for drawing eye mold in the work, the energy generated by wire rod deformation and wire rod friction heat after eye mold is reduced; the wire rod is straight in the working process, which reduces the heat generated by the wire bending deformation on the tower wheel; in the rolling process, the sliding amount of wire rod is small, and the useless work consumed is small.

3. Low noise: in the drawing process of traditional water tank wire drawing machine, the wire rod and tower wheel slip, and the wire rod passes through the eye mold, the noise is large, while the rolling mill has no wire shaking during the rolling process, and the slip of the roller is small, so the noise is low.

4. There is no need to use the drawing die: the operation is simple and convenient, the time of wearing die is saved, the labor intensity of personnel is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.

5. The quality of the wire rod is excellent: it is not easy to break the wire in the subsequent drawing, and the metal structure will be more compact after rolling, which is convenient for subsequent processing.

  • Step 5 Horizontal wire taking up machine takes up wire

It is a metal wire winding equipment, which is mainly used for winding the wire after being drawn by a wire drawing machine onto a reel, and used in combination with a wire drawing machine.


The horizontal take-up machine is mainly composed of frame, active device and friction plate device. When the take-up speed is lower than the speed of the take-up machine, the friction plate device will emit light, which will slow down the speed of the take-up spindle, and the wire rod will not be stretched or broken.
This machine has beautiful appearance and simple structure.

how to make gold wire

Diagram of how to make silver wire:

how to make gold wire

Video of how to make silver wire:


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