How to Make Aluminum Powder-Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making machine

Centrifugal atomizing metal powder
aluminum powder
Centrifugal atomizing aluminum powder

Modern Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making machine

How to make fine aluminum powder- Centrifugal atomizing for aluminum Powder

Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making machine is an important machinery for manufacturing metal powder, which is playing more and more part because of the controllability of the size as well as the shape of the powder and its low production cost.

However, due to technical limitations, gas atomization and ultrasonic atomization are more commonly used in most countries at present.

The output of the gas atomization powder making method is relatively high, but it requires a large amount of inert gas to protect and atomize, so a large amount of inert gas is wasted in the production process, and the production cost is also increased a lot. The powder produced is also quite irregular, and the finished product efficiency is low.

The powder produced by ultrasonic atomization has high sphericity and narrow range, but the output is low. In some western developed countries,  Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making machine has gradually replaced gas atomization and ultrasonic atomization. Centrifugal atomization will be a trend in metal powder making in the future. CDOCAST has mature technology in this field. This article will introduce the process of centrifugal atomization.

Configuration of Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making

Aluminum powder centrifugal atomization equipment is a special equipment for preparing aluminum powder. It sprays molten aluminum into tiny particles through centrifugal force, so as to prepare aluminum powder. The following is the working principle and general steps of the common aluminum powder centrifugal atomization equipment

1:Prepare aluminum block or aluminum alloy:
The initial material for the preparation of aluminum powder is usually high-purity aluminum block or aluminum alloy block.
The aluminum block or aluminum alloy block is heated to the melting point to form molten aluminum.usually will adopt induction melting furnace which can melt aluminum powder fast and rapid
3:Centrifugal atomization:
The molten aluminum is injected into the centrifugal atomization equipment, and the equipment sprays the aluminum into tiny particles through the high-speed rotating centrifugal disk. At the same time, gas is usually provided inside the equipment to maintain an inert atmosphere to prevent aluminum powder from reacting with oxygen.
The aluminum powder after centrifugal atomization cools rapidly in an inert atmosphere to form uniform and fine particles.
5:Screening and grading:
The prepared aluminum powder is sieved through the screen to obtain the required particle size range. We will use customized ultrasonic screening machine
6:Quality inspection:
Carry out quality inspection on aluminum powder to ensure that it meets the specified quality standards.
7:Packaging and storage:
Pack the aluminum powder for transportation, storage, and use.


Brief Introduction of Melting System and  Aluminum Powder Atomization Process

Hydraulic Titling Small Induction Furnace

Overview and usage:

This induction melting furnace is a frequency conversion device that converts three-phase power frequency current into single-phase intermediate frequency current, and generates eddy current loss through electromagnetic field induction to achieve the purpose of heating and melting. It is used for smelting, heating up and heat preservation of ferrous or non-ferrous metals and alloy materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc, mainly in foundry smelting industry.

Performance characteristics:

1.The zero-voltage scan soft-start mode can be started or stopped at any time in any state without impact on the power supply;

2.Fast smelting, low production cost; low pollution, meeting environmental protection requirements;

3.It can be melted directly from the cold furnace;the solution can be completely emptied, and it is convenient to change the type of melting material;

4.It is flexible and convenient for power adjustment, which can be adjustedcontinuously and smoothly. The temperature is uniform and easy to control, the oxidation loss is small, and the metal composition is uniform;

5.The furnace shell adopts cast aluminum alloy structure, which occupies a small area; the furnace body is easy to tilt, and electric or manual tilting methods can be selected.

6.It can automatically adjust the matching of the load impedance, without adjusting the compensation capacitance, and always make the equipment run in a good working condition.

Main Parameter of 150kg Intermediate Frequency Melting Furnace for Your Reference

Input voltage380V/3phasesInput power frequency50Hz
Rated output frequency0.8KHZ±20%Rated output power100kw
Rated input current160ARated output voltage750V
Power transformer capacity120KVARated capacity of electric furnace150kg
Temperature in the furnace700 ℃Melting rate150kg/h
Power consumption per ton (excluding heat preservation)Molten aluminum 620kwh/tCooling circulating water flow15t/h
Cooling water pressure0.2MPaCirculating water temperatureInlet temperature 2-35℃, outlet water temperature 55℃

Product introduction and features

1.The control system adopts the integrated control of large-scale programmable logic array modules. The single board structure avoids the phenomenon that the equipment cannot be operated due to poor contact after multiple board connectors are used for a period of time.

2.The arithmetic processing of various signals and the execution of corresponding actions are carried out automatically according to the program. Use the digital control system to replace the functions to be completed by various relay control loops.

3.The equipment can be started with full loading and cold furnace, which the start success rate is 100%.

4.When the grid voltage fluctuates by 10%, the intermediate frequency output voltage fluctuates no more than ±1%.

5.The cross-sectional area of ​​various internal copper connections is sufficient to reduce power loss.

6.Unique sweep frequency start method, with 100% start success rate.

7.A regulator with fast response characteristics.

8.A unique regulator is designed with a response time of less than 100mS, which is completely suitable for the medium frequency power supply to adapt to the requirements of rapid response in the case of sudden load changes.

9.The constant power output of the power supply can ensure high power factor.

10.The impedance regulator specially designed for the constant power of the power supply can detect the change of impedance, and send this change into the circuit for digital calculation, and automatically adjust the matching of the load impedance, so that the intermediate frequency power supply can achieve constant power output. At the same time, due to the impedance regulator’s use, the operating power factor of the whole set of equipment can reach 0.9 or more in the constant power section of workpiece heating, with perfect and reliable protection function.

11.This control circuit is equipped with various protection measures such as overcurrent, overvoltage, phase lack of incoming line, undervoltage of power supply, low cooling water pressure and high cooling water temperature. Ensure the sensitivity and reliability of various protection functions.

12.Advanced phase sequence self-recognition function.

13.Simple and convenient debugging and maintenance.

14.Most of the parameter settings in the control panel are automatically completed by the internal circuit of the control panel. The user needs to adjust only the parameter settings of a few potentiometers. Therefore, the control board has strong versatility and interchangeability, and the debugging and maintenance are simple and convenient.

Supply scope

Complete set of aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace equipment configuration

No. Item
1 IF power supply cabinet
2 Rectifier thyristor
3 Inverter thyristor
4 Water-cooled reactor
5 Electro-magnetic universal circuit breaker
6 Power switch button
7 Compensation electric heating capacitor
8 Aluminum shell furnace body
9 Reducer and bracket
10 Tilting furnace control cabinet
11 Crucible forming mold
12 Water-cooled cable

Other auxiliary products of intermediate frequency furnace

No. Item Function and characteristics
1 Closed cooling tower Used for cooling the intermediate frequency furnace; small footprint, direct use, no need to dig a pool, fully enclosed soft water circulation cooling, to prevent pipeline blockage caused by debris; avoid the scale of electrical components, which can greatly reduce the failure rate of the intermediate frequency furnace. Extend the service life of the equipment;
2 Stove switch (hydraulic) Automatic switching between furnace bodies; no manual assembly and disassembly are required when switching furnaces, and the operation and use are faster and safer;
3 Intelligent control system PLC programmable controller, HMI man-machine interface. It can realize automatic operation such as automatic temperature control of intermediate frequency furnace equipment, automatic oven, anti-burning furnace alarm, furnace liquid weighing, etc., which is safer and more convenient to use.
4 Furnace rectifier transformer Special transformer for intermediate frequency furnace power supply; compared with ordinary power transformers, it has more stable operation, high impedance resistance, low harmonics, low grid pollution, and more power and energy saving.
5 Ladle Furnace liquid container is used for pouring or transferring furnace liquid.
6 Electric furnace building machine Electric furnace lining tools: reduce the labor intensity of workers; improve the quality of furnace construction and furnace life cycle.
7 Crucible for intermediate frequency furnace Silicon carbide, clay graphite, white corundum crucible
8 Intermediate frequency furnace lining material Cast iron, cast steel, molten copper, molten aluminum, induction furnace lining materials.

Atomization Process:

The basic process of centrifugal atomization Metal powder making machineis that the molten metal from the melting device is guided to the center of the rotating disk through the guiding device. Due to the effect of inertia and centrifugal throwing, the molten metal is distributed in the radial direction and forms a thin liquid film on the rotating disk. When the liquid film reaches the edge of the rotating disk, it is atomized into droplets. These droplets are solidified to form powders, which can produce metal powders of various specifications with high roundness.

Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making machine

Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making machine

Aluminum powder parameters of Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making machine:

1. Powder raw material: metallic aluminum (the melting point of aluminum is 660.4℃, the boiling point of aluminum is 2407℃; the density of aluminum is 2.7×103kg/m3)

2. Furnace capacity: 100kg molten metal/furnace (in terms of the density of metal aluminum)

3. Capacity: 35±5kg/h

4. Powder particle size after atomization: +15-45 microns >60% 5. Powder oxygen content: <300 PPM

Main parts of the Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making machine:

1.The temperature control meter adopts Japanese brand.

2.The electrical switches, contactors, etc. adopt the French Schneider brand.

3. The high-speed motor adopts domestic brands

4. High-speed motor inverter adopts domestic brands

Centrifugal atomizing metal powder making machine acceptance method:

1. Use pure aluminum powder

2. Feeding amount per hour 35±5kg/h

3. Atomization rate +15-45 microns >60%

4. The oxygen content is less than 300 PPM. (Nitrogen purity is 99.999%)

5. The above particle size detection method is tested by Malvern laser particle size analyzer or test sieve method. One of the two passes the test and can be regarded as qualified.

Acceptance project of atomization process:

1. Whether the total amount of atomized powder per hour meets 35±5Kg/Hr.

2. Whether the atomization rate meets +15-45 microns of 60% or more.

3. Oxygen content of aluminum powder ﹤300 PPM

4. Spherical roundness of aluminum powder ﹥80%. (The spherical standard ratio is 1.5)

The purchaser of the above four items of acceptance can self-inspect to confirm whether it meets the standards. If there is any objection, both parties will jointly send samples to a nationally recognized testing agency for testing.

Centrifugal atomization machine for aluminum powder has many advantages, making it one of the important industrial equipment for preparing aluminum powder. The following are the main advantages:
1:Uniform and fine particles:
Centrifugal atomization equipment can spray molten aluminum into very fine particles, so the prepared aluminum powder particles are uniform and controllable in size.
2:High yield:
Centrifugal atomization technology is usually able to prepare a large amount of aluminum powder in an efficient way, which is suitable for industrial scale production.
3:High quality and purity:
Aluminum powder prepared by centrifugal atomization usually has high quality and purity, which is suitable for various precision applications, such as aerospace, powder metallurgy and so on.
4:Controllable particle size:
The centrifugal atomization equipment allows to control the particle size, and can prepare aluminum powders with different particle sizes according to specific needs.
5:In inert atmosphere:
In centrifugal atomization equipment, inert gas is usually provided to keep the inert reaction environment and avoid oxidation of aluminum powder due to reaction with oxygen.
6:Avoid oxidation:
Because the centrifugal atomization equipment works in inert atmosphere, the oxidation reaction between aluminum powder and oxygen is effectively prevented.
7:Suitable for a variety of materials:
Centrifugal atomization equipment is not only suitable for preparing aluminum powder, but also for preparing other metal powders, such as iron powder, copper powder, etc.
This kind of equipment can be customized and expanded according to production requirements to meet the production requirements of different scales.
In general, centrifugal atomization equipment is an efficient and precise industrial equipment for the preparation of aluminum powder, which is widely used in aerospace, powder metallurgy, rocket propellant and other fields.