Auxiliary Facilities for Precious Metal Melting Processes

In order to better carry out the core business of precious metal manufacturing, cdocast is committed to doing a turnkey project in the precious metal industry. We have established extensive cooperative relations with many scientific and technological institutions at home and abroad. Our supporting equipment includes precious metal spectrometer, rolling mill, drawing machine, water cooling machine, hydraulic press, which will work together with our smelting and casting equipment
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Graphite Mould

Graphite crucible, with its special advantages and Plasticity, is widely used in the smelting area, e.g. gold smelting, silver smelting, aluminum smelting, and cooper smelting in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical and other industries.

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  • Product Name: Hydraulic titling Small Induction Furnace
  • Description: CDOCAST Hydraulic tilting small induction furnace is designed with the hydraulic tilting for 100kg-500kg capacity metal melting ,power varies from 45kw-160kw which adopt the IGBT induction heating ...
  • Brand: CDOACST
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