How to purchase a most suitable gold testing machine

Buyer Guider On XRF Gold Testing Machine

Background of  XRF Gold Testing Machine

Spectral gold measuring instrument is a common name. The professional term is X fluorescence spectrum energy dispersion detector, also known as XRF gold analyzer. The analysis method of the equipment is an X-ray detector with a certain energy resolution to simultaneously detect various energy characteristics emitted by the sample. X For ray, the detector output signal amplitude is proportional to the received X-ray energy. The energy size and intensity of the detector output signal are analyzed by an energy spectrometer, and the sample is quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed. This instrument is the top technology in the precious metals industry.

Features of XRF Gold Testing Machine

1 ) The qualitative identification of gold and silver jewelry can be done in 3 seconds, and the accurate content of jewelry can be calculated automatically in 30~60 seconds.

2 ) Non-destructive testing of gold and silver jewelry without any physical or chemical treatment of the sample.

3 ) Analysis range: to be able to analyze the content of gold, platinum, silver, palladium, etc. 0.3% ~ 99.99%.

4 ) The safety performance guidelines meet the requirements of national standards (the source of light excitation is the MO target X-ray tube).

5)With automatic temperature and humidity compensation function

6)Meet the most stringent radiation protection standards with easy sample storage and consumable changeover (slide out cover).

7 ) High probe pointer, good performance and long life.

8)New 32-bit hardware and software systems that work reliably and efficiently

9) The world’s first to introduce advanced camera positioning technology into the jewelry inspection field. In addition to making jewelry inspection more intuitive and X-fluorescence more focused on the target location, the camera positioning system can also print out a photo of the precise location where the jewelry was detected corresponding to the inspection results, along with a calculation report.

10)Integrated industrial computer in the equipment case, no external computer is required; with door lock and electric lock, making daily management more convenient.


There are a number of factors that affect the results of the XRF gold testing machine result. Due to the special circumstances of jewelry products, limited by the principles of the method, when using this method the inspector should be aware of and familiar with the following factors that influence the results (these influencing factors will have a great impact on the collection of the intensity of the characteristic spectrum in different situations, and even cause misjudgment).

a) the composition and content of the elements in the sample tested differs significantly from the composition and content of the Reference Standard.

b) the surface of the sample to be tested is plated or chemically treated.

c) Measurement time.

d) the shape of the sample.

e) the area of the sample to be measured.

f) What is the content of precious metals.

CDOCAST xrf gold testing machine  is divide into mainly four models

gold testing machine 1

1: SAP 8200( Price cost 5000usd-5500usd)

This spectrometer is the most economical machine produced by our company. It is suitable for customers with ordinary needs. If the customer only needs to know the gold content in the sample without knowing the content of other metal components, then this one It is nothing more than the most applicable.The detector he used is a proportional technology tube detector,mainly suitable for the metal of au,ag ,pt,pd, cu, Measurement accuracy from 100ppm to 0.1%,If you have a limited budget and simply need to know the gold content of your samples, then this is the best spectrometer for you.

2:SAP 9000 ( price varies from 7000usd-7500usd)

The SAP 9000 is an upgraded version of the 8200, with an improved range for the measurement of 16 metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium. It adopts a new PC detector with an accuracy of 0.1% and costs around 7000usd. It is a relatively cost effective solution for those who need to measure a wide range of metals and do not want to spend a lot of money on a gold detector.

3:SAP 9600  (price varies from 10000-11000usd)

This gold detector is our best selling spectrometer, adopting  the American si-pin detector, can detect all the elements from Na to U. comes with the Measurement accuracy: ±10PPM~0.1%.

Due to the advanced measuring detector, the machine offers a great advantage in terms of stability and precision.Therefore, if your budget is sufficient, we strongly recommend purchasing this model gold detector.


Accuracy: ppm level accuracy, reliable detection data

Convenient: integrated industrial computer, dual touch screen display design, smooth and convenient operation

Fast: the sample can be qualitatively identified within 3 seconds, and the test result can be obtained within 30-60 seconds(adjustable)

Intuitive: real-time display of high-definition graphics, intuitive and clear test results

Safety: Install anti-radiation device to actively protect the safety of operators

Economical: low price, basically do not need any consumables during the test

XRF Gold Analyzer operation process

4:SAP 9000H(Protable xrf gold testing machine)

In view of its lightness and portability, the portable gold measuring instrument has a very large market on the market. Especially for some mine workers, the convenient operation of the detection instrument is very important to them.

CDOCAST portable gold testing machine is mainly divided into 3 types.

The first model:Ckey 3000

Mainly detects various metal alloy grades which comes with a database of 350 alloy grades, which can detect solids, liquids and powders. It adopts the American si-pin detector  which can ensure The results are fast and stable.

Second model: CKey 6000

Mainly used to detect ore and ROHS hazardous substances, it can detect all 83 elements from metallic magnesium to PU, The display screen can display ppm and %, and multiple languages can be selected and switched

Third model: CKey 9000

Mainly adopt rapid analysis of soil composition.This hand-held spectrometer is mainly used to analyze the metal content of the soil, but also uses the American cash si-pin test, due to technical difficulties, the price is high, suitable for customers with special needs.

Analysis range 1ppm to 99.99 %
 Application Rapid Analysis of AlloysOre and mineral analysisRapid Analysis of Soil Composition and Ore
Item form to be tested Solid, powder and liquid
Ray tube voltage 50KV,6~38uA
Target material of ray tube Ag、W、Ta
Multi-channel analyzer DMCP
 Testing time 1sec ~ 30sec

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