FAQ On Precious metal melting furnace Purchase

FAQ for buy precious metal melting furnace:

1:May I Cast Gold Bars of Different Sizes and Weights in the Machine?

In addition to providing precious metal smelting furnaces, CDOCAST also provides matching graphite moulds. You can customize various specifications graphite mould according to the metal bar size and weight you want to make, which can be rectangular, square, or even triangle and star. And weight can be from 1oz to 1kg , 10kg,,,etc…

2:Could I Get 999 Purity Gold Bar In Your Machine?

First of all, you have to make it clear that melting and refinery  are totally different processes. Our precious metal melting furnace is only used for melting and precious metal and make into types shapes of bars.  If You put in 999 gold raw materials, then you can  get 999 gold bars after melting , which will  never turn into 9999 gold. if you want to increase the purity of the gold , then you need to adopt  gold refinery machine . The gold refinery machine mainly includes electrolysis refinery machine and aqua regia refinery machine. The corresponding refinery method is mainly selected according to the purity of the raw material.

Remember, the  metal melting furnace is impossible to complete the two processes of  refinery and melting same time.

3:How to Install and Use Your  Precious metal melting Machine?  What about the warranty ?

This is a problem that every customer cares about. We have prepared customized user manuals and complete videos for each exported equipment. Basically, through the video and user manuals, you can have a relatively experienced engineer. Complete the installation and use of the machine. But if you insist on our engineers to install and debug on site, then you will complicate all the air ticket costs, visa costs, installation training costs。


As for the warranty, we provide 2 years of free after-sales service. If  the  machine you purchased from us has the problems occur during the  warranty tome (human error operation is not in this scope), all costs shall be borne by us

4:Are you a factory or a trading company?

First of all, we have our own production factory, specializing in independent research and development and design of precious metal smelting and casting equipment, but we also have our own trading company to provide turnkey one-stop service. To be honest, for a complete set of turnkey projects , Any factory can only provide part of equipment in the full line,  no factory has the ability to produce all types of  equipment. For example, we don’t produce water chillers by ourselves. We develop together with the partner factories and instruct they produce for us. You must be clear. Although we do not produce water chillers ourselves, but we have more advantages than many factories in terms of quality and price.

5:How about your packaging? Whether to use export wooden box packaging.

Each of our exported equipment uses export fumigation-free wooden boxes to facilitate customs clearance, and the thickness of the wooden boxes is 10mm, which can protect the equipment from damage during transportation.And we have installed a pallet base at the bottom of each wooden box to facilitate customer unloading

6:How do I pay and how to ensure the security of my payment?

We accept TT, LC , credit card payment. After signing the contract, you  need to arrange a certain advance payment so that the production department can start  your project. After the equipment is finished, we will shoot and send the inspection video for each equipment To customers,Only if the customer is satisfied with the equipment we will receive the final payment, otherwise we will even return the deposit to the customer, so as to maximize the security of the transaction.

In addition, you can check the status of our company’s registered capital online, and we are also a  member of CITIC Insurance Company, which proves that we are a reliable and safe company to trade with.

7.Are the precious metal melting furnace & casting machine environmentally friendly?

 All our equipment is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and low-noise, and will not cause any harassment to local residents. Traditional smelting equipment will generate a lot of smoke, and enterprises can easily be punished by the local government. So welcome to inquiry our  precious metal melting & casting machines.

8: what is the delivery time for the precious metal melting furnace & casting machine?

For some common machines, we have them in stock, which means we can deliver them within one week after receiving the prepayment (we need a few days for pre-delivery commissioning again), but for custom-made machines, the lead time is about 4-6 weeks because we have to re-design the drawings and order the spare parts, please note: the standard voltage in China is 3 phase 380V, if your voltage is different from ours, the lead time will be a little longer.

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