How to select a suitable platinum melting furnace?-Buy Platinum Melting Furnace

How to Buy Platinum Melting Furnace?

A platinum melting furnace is a device used to heat and melt platinum and its alloys in modern industry. This article will deeply discuss the working principle application range and the impact on all walks of life of platinum melting furnaces.

Platinum and its importance

Platinum is a rare and valuable precious metal with high corrosion resistance, high melting point, and good electrical conductivity. It has a wide range of applications in many fields, such as jewelry making, electronic devices, chemical catalysts, automobile exhaust purification, etc.


(Platinum Jewelry)

The platinum induction melting furnace is a device that uses the principle of induction heating to heat metals and other conductive materials. It generates a changing magnetic field near the metal material, thereby generating an induced current inside the material to heat and melt it. Platinum induction furnaces are usually used in industrial fields such as metal smelting, heat treatment, quenching, and annealing of metal materials.

How to purchase a suitable platinum induction melting furnace is an important decision, and several factors need to be considered to ensure that you choose the right equipment for your needs. Here are some steps and considerations to help you purchase the right platinum induction furnace.

1. Make sure the function requirement when buying a platinum melting furnace

First, make sure your usage needs. Determine which heat treatments you plan to perform with your platinum induction furnace, the form, shape, and size of the material to be heated, and your control requirements for the heating process. This information will help you choose the right model and specification.

Many customers will melt platinum powder (purified platinum exists in the form of powder), which is a very important factor and must be informed to the supplier. Due to the high requirements and difficulty of platinum powder melting, ordinary platinum medium-frequency platinum melting furnaces can’t melt the platinum powder, and ultra-high frequency platinum melting furnaces are needed. If the customer does not inform the form, shape, and size of the platinum material they want to melt, they will buy unsuitable equipment.

platinum powder

(Platinum Powder)

However, the ultra-high frequency platinum melting furnace is expensive, it is easy to exceed the customer’s purchase budget. And it is difficult to make a large-capacity platinum melting furnace when adopting ultra-high frequency

Therefore, the following method can also be considered:

1: When melting powder, put the one small solid platinum material first and then put the powder platinum material to lead the machine to  heat and melt

2: Press the platinum powder into a block with a hydraulic press machine, it can also increase the success rate of melting.

2. Budget for Buying Platinum Melting Furnace:

Identify your budget so that you can make a decision within your budget when choosing. The price of different models and brands of platinum melting furnaces may have a big difference, so budget is an important consideration.

The platinum melting furnaces are divided into integrated type, hand-held type, and manual tilting platinum melting furnaces.

The integrated platinum melting furnace is the most popular model on the market, with a capacity of 500 grams to 15kg. The integrated platinum melting furnace requires the customer to use the crucible tong to quickly take out the crucible and pour it into the mold after the melting is completed. Due to its affordable price, compact structure design, and small footprint advantage, it is the most popular model on the market.


platinum melting furnace(Integrated Type Platinum Melting Furnace)

The manual tilting platinum melting furnace is designed with a capacity from 1kg-30kg, and the price is 10% higher than the integrated type because of the design difference. The pourable design makes it convenient for customers to directly tilt the melting furnace body and pour the molten metal into the mold after melting. Due to the pourable design, the melting capacity of the manual tilting type can be bigger which can reach 30kg Max.

30kg platinum manual tilting melting furnace(Manual Tilting Platinum Melting Furnace)

The hand-held type platinum melting furnace is the latest model designed by CDOCAST. In view of the characteristics of molten platinum liquid cooling very fast, for some customers with small batch melting needs, the molten platinum starts to cool before it is poured out, resulting in platinum sticking to the bottom of the crucible and difficult to pour out. The new handheld platinum melting furnace can be heated while pouring, so can hold the temperature of the platinum liquid, in this way, even when melting a small quantity of platinum, the hand-held platinum furnace works well.

Portable Platinum Melting Machine

(Handheld Type Platinum Melting Furnace)

Therefore, with different designs and different melting capacities, the price difference of platinum melting furnaces is very large. Customers should choose the right platinum melting machines according to their actual needs.

3. Research the market and suppliers:

Research different Platinum Induction Machines brands and all suppliers on the market. Learn about their reputation, product quality, after-sales service, etc. Research their customer feedback and opinions to know more about the suppliers.

CDOCAST provides customers with 2 years of after-sales service, and all platinum melting furnaces are in stock and can be delivered in one week. We have a good reputation in the market, our main market is European and American markets, our product design is high-end, comparable to the European design. CDOCAST has a total of 4 manufacturing factories, with large-scale and professional employees. It is very wise to choose CDOCAST.

4. Technical details:

Learn about the technical details of different models of platinum induction furnaces, including heating power, operating frequency, control system, temperature range, etc. Make sure the technical parameters of the selected equipment can meet your heating needs.


Even For the same capacity platinum melting furnace, each supplier may have a different power design, which leads to fluctuations in machine prices. The higher the power of the platinum furnace, the higher the melting efficiency, and the higher the price. In order to reduce production costs, many factories will give platinum-melting furnaces with insufficient power. Even if they can melt, the melting speed is greatly reduced.


The frequency of the furnace is also the key point to the price. The platinum melting furnace is usually divided into three types of frequencies: medium frequency, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency.

The price of a high-frequency platinum melting furnace is the lowest, but the penetrating power of high-frequency furnaces is low, so it is only suitable for small-capacity platinum melting. If high frequency is used for large-capacity platinum melting furnaces, the melting temperature may not be reached and the melting process may fail.

The medium frequency is the most common frequency adopted, the induction penetration is strong, and the melting speed is fast, but the machine power supply is more expensive than the high-frequency power supply.

The ultra-high frequency platinum melting furnace is more suitable for the melting of powdered shape platinum materials, and the price is the highest among all types of power supply platinum melting furnaces.

Temperature control

Platinum melting furnaces usually don’t equip ordinary thermocouple temperature testing but will adopt expensive infrared temperature control systems, and the price of infrared temperature control in different temperature ranges is also different. for example, 1800-degree infrared temperature testing is much cheaper than the one test temp 2200 degrees.

platinum melting furnace

Buy Platinum Melting Furnace

Power supply

CDOCAST adopts an independently developed power board, which is easy to operate and convenient for after-sales. This power board makes the whole machine work stably. Each error has a corresponding code, which is convenient for equipment maintenance, the customer only needs to report the fault code to inquire about the equipment failure.


CDOCAST has been constantly updating the design of the machine, the shape is simple and elegant, in line with international aesthetics. At the same time, according to customer feedback, the equipment is continuously improved to ensure that the machine design is safe, easy to operate, and conforms to human mechanics.

Durability and Maintenance:

The maintenance costs and downtime can be reduced by choosing a reliable, durable platinum induction furnace. Knowing the manufacturer’s after-sales service, including maintenance and parts availability, can help you pick the right equipment.

The CDOCAST platinum melting furnace adopts the IGBT module medium frequency induction heating design, which is imported from Germany. We have some free accessories for each platinum melting furnace sold. During the 2-year after-sales warranty period, we provide all free after-sales services.

Safety and Environmental Protection:

Make sure the platinum induction furnaces you buy meet safety standards and take proper safety measures. In addition, the energy consumption and environmental protection performance of the equipment should also be considered, and equipment with less impact on the environment should be selected.

Each platinum melting furnace of CDOCAST complies with international electrical safety standards and has a CE certificate, and each set of exported platinum furnaces is equipped with high-temperature gloves and some necessary tools for safety protection to ensure the safety of workers during operation.

Testing and acceptance before buying the platinum melting furnace:

Before purchasing one platinum melting machine, if possible, the client should request all parameters to ensure that the platinum furnace performs and functions as expected. After the furnace is delivered, check it to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and meets the technical requirements.

Every piece of platinum melting furnace sold by CDOCAST will conduct a video inspection with the customer. We will take photos and send the operation videos to the customer for confirmation to ensure the safe and error-free operation of the equipment before leaving the factory.

In conclusion, purchasing a platinum induction melting furnace requires careful planning, research, and comparisons. Make sure you understand what your needs are, consider multiple factors, and have spoken with a professional company to make a smart and right decision about choosing the right platinum induction furnace.