How to purchase the right 1kg 2kg small gold melting machine

How to purchase the right 1kg 2kg small gold melting machine

Are you looking for a small 1kg, 2kg gold melting machine, and when you see a wide range of melting furnaces on the market, the price difference is huge, you don’t know how to choose, what is the difference?

So next, please read this article to guide you how to purchase the right mini gold melting machine as you want .

The main small gold melting furnaces on the market are divided into two technologies, induction heating melting furnaces, and resistance wire heating melting furnaces. The prices of the two furnaces are completely different. You cannot buy induction furnaces at the price of resistance furnaces. , Because they have a very large gap in performance.

If the economy permits, we recommend an intermediate frequency gold melting furnace, because it is more stable, faster and more efficient.

The contrasts of 1kg 2kg small gold melting machine

Type 1-2kg induction melting furnace 1-2kg electric melting furnace
Photo How to purchase the right 1kg 2kg small gold melting machine How to purchase the right 1kg 2kg small gold melting machine
Power 3.5-5kw 2kw
Melting time With fast melting speed; 3-5mins for one batch Melting time is long; 20-30mins for 1-2kg
Max.Temperature Max. Temperature can reach 1650℃; Can melt most metals, such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, etc. Below 1200℃;Many kinds of metal cannot be melted, like palladium, stainless steel, iron, etc.
Heating principle Induction melting; The molten metal will be stirred uniformly under the magnetic field. Electric resistance heating; Uses stainless steel electric wire, which is easily broken in the case of long time melting with 1200℃.
Water cooling You can equip with small water cooling; or we will equip with you with water pump, which can connect with water tap for water circulation No need water cooling; So the electric wire will be under long time high temperature, causing breaking
Maintenance Not easy to damage; With many protection alarm, such as over-voltage warning, over current warning, water shortage, etc. Without water cooling and protection; The wire needs replacing 1-2times very month; The cost for one wire is about 45usd; The replacement of the wire needs to be carried out under the correct operation of the professional.
Working time 24-hour continuously working Work for 2-3 hours, and then need 30 minutes to cool down
Warranty 2 year; life time is longer than electric melting furnace Usually 3 months on the market